British Takeaway 'Caught Grilling Chicken With Blowtorch' On A Trolley

By Abdul Rafay in Food On 5th March 2023

Anyone up for some blowtorch-fried chicken?

It must be seen to be believed, but in some strange footage, a takeaway worker is seen cooking raw chicken with a blowtorch in a filthy alleyway behind a store.

(Image: SuZeSport/Twitter)

The bizarre clips, which are guaranteed to make you nauseous, were shot in Middlesbrough and captured the moment the man was caught red (or should we say blue) handed.

In the currently trending videos on Twitter, a young man is almost left speechless as he records the chef using a do-it-yourself grill to cook poultry.

(Image: SuZeSport/Twitter)
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The takeaway worker spots the camera while holding a pipe attached to a propane gas tank and utters, "F***ing hell," to himself.

In a trolley near trash cans and unidentified ground debris, raw chickens are situated. Under the raw chickens, a simple piece of cardboard has been placed, probably to collect any liquids or fluids from the meat.


We're grabbing at straws here, but at least the guy is wearing a blue apron and gloves.

The fact that the man screams, "F***ing hell, I'm not eating that," is not surprising given the saying that you are what you eat.

(Image: SuZeSport/Twitter)
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Raw chicken pieces are dumped at the bottom of an abandoned shopping cart in the second footage, which is equally gruesome.

As of right now, Middlesbrough Council has admitted awareness of the puzzling footage, which was shot along busy Parliament Road.

The unnamed takeaway allegedly received a visit from food safety officers after the video went viral online.

A council representative stated: "We are aware of the video circulating online and are looking into the matter.


"As a matter of course we expect all food processes to be carried out in a safe and hygienic manner."

Both videos sparked a huge online reaction, with Twitter users tagging the council to act and their peers to watch the actions.

Someone who is local to the region tweeted: "Lived there for 2 years and I’ve never seen so many people spewing on the way home after a night out, ever. Then got introduced to a chicken parmo. That must be how they prep the meat for them. Solved the question of the barf-a-rama."

Another social media user quipped: "I wouldn’t go near Middlesbrough anyway so think I’m ok."

"It seems fine to me. What's the problem with flame grilling?" A third individual made a joke, or at least we think they did.

While a fourth person chimed in: "This is so wrong on so many levels."