Brutal Female Mob Boss Turned In To Mexican Police By Hitman Lover

By Michael Avery in News On 26th September 2015


This stunning woman is Melissa Calderon, and she's been accused of murdering over 150 people.

That's right, this 30-year-old stunner uses that beauty to her advantage as a cartel leader, ‘ruling' the Baja California Sur, La Paz, and Cabo San Lucas areas with over 300 dealers at her disposal.


After her beginnings ten years ago, joining up with and leading the Damaso Cartel only to later be asked to step down in favor of the higher ranking Abel Quintero. After everything she went through as a mob boss, she was hooked.

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The lifestyle wasn't demanding, all she needed to do was be her own ruthless self, and she prospered for a minute. She prospered until her lover and second in command Pedro Gomez, also known as ‘El Chino', sold her out to the Mexican police!


Gomez traded valuable information to the police such as the locations of her victim's graveyards, though she's been known to dismember her victims to send the pieces to their loved ones. The funniest part of this whole story, is that El Chino, a ruthless hitman, has been reported stating she was too much of a control freak, and was straight up maniacal.

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I don't know about you, but if a successful hitman ever turned me into the police, that would be a pretty weird wake up call! Hopefully this woman remains behind bars, where she can't bring pain to anyone else.