Caitlyn Jenner Supports Transgender Golfer Fighting To Join Ladies Tour Despite Different Opinion Over Lia Thomas

By Abdul Rafay in Sports Published On 26th August 2022

Caitlyn Jenner has praised golfer Hailey Davidson in her quest to become the first transgender athlete to play on the LPGA tour, despite publicly criticizing transgender swimmer Lia Thomas for seeking to compete at the Olympics.

The decision to include Davidson in the stage one qualifications for the tour has drawn some criticism, but Jenner has expressed her support.


Before fully transitioning to a woman in 2015, the former Olympic champion competed in two Olympic Games and won the men's decathlon event in 1976.

Lia Thomas' participation in swimming competitions as she went through male puberty has drawn criticism from Jenner.

Because of this, transgender swimmers are no longer allowed to participate in women's competitions if they did not transition before the age of 12.

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Speaking to Fox News recently, Jenner said: "Obviously, we saw with Lia Thomas she had gone through male puberty, bigger cardiovascular system, it just wasn’t fair. And fortunately, we won that, we won that one.”

"Golf is a different game. It is a game of touch and feels. It is about your ability around the green, to get the ball out the bunker."


She continued: "The girls on the LPGA tour - I've played in some LPGA tour events and these girls are so good it's a joke.”

"She’s making the Epson tour, a qualifying tour to get into the LPGA. And so she’s playing by the rules. So honestly, for me, the jury is still out on this one. Let’s just let it play out."

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When it was appropriate, Caitlyn Jenner has generally been quite supportive of transgender athletes participating in sports. She has, however, expressed a different opinion in public regarding swimmer Lia Thomas' career.

Speaking on that earlier this month, Jenner said: "She has a tremendous advantage over the girls, she’s taller, has bigger hands, her cardiovascular system is bigger, she went through male puberty – all of those things, and it’s just not fair.”

"It makes the trans community look selfish and self-absorbed," she added.

"Lia Thomas even said if you accept me as a woman, you accept me as a woman athlete but no, we do not have to accept that."


Judy Murray, a tennis coach and the mother of Scottish tennis star Andy Murray, has also expressed criticism of Davidson.

In response to allowing transgender women to compete, Murray said: "No. Not fair at all. Protect women’s sport. Listen to the facts, the scientists, and the medics. This is wrong."

Davidson's mother told the Daily Record in response: "Shame on Judy Murray for attacking another mother's child.”

"You do not know my daughter Hailey and most importantly you know absolutely nothing about transgender men or women and therefore have no rights whatsoever to give your opinion on something you know nothing about."