Can You Answer This Quiz Correctly On Your First Try?

Posted by Michael Avery in Puzzle On 4th November 2016

Online puzzles can be difficult to ascertain. Not because they require a lot of brainpower, but because they are meant to alter your expectations and throw you a curveball. To see whether you're on the ball, take a swing at this puzzle to see if you can hit a homerun.

In a box divided up into 6 squares that are numbered chronologically from 1-5, the puzzle asks you decide what should go in the empty box. And before acting on impulse, believing that the empty box should be labelled with the number 6, it's best to take a closer and longer look.


There's a deceptive quiz going around the internet, and it's boggling people's minds.

It couldn't be more deceptive if it's name was Megatron.


Do you think you can solve it?

Don't get too far ahead of yourself.

It seems super-easy for about two seconds, and then it stumps you.

Believe me, it's hard at first.

Here it is.

Now this is easy as... wait what do you mean it's not 6?


This is the kind of test that even the smartest people have difficulty passing.

But once you find out the answer you smack yourself for not thinking of it.

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