Can You Finish This Test Without So Much As A Single Mistake? If You Can, You're Smarter Than Over 95% Of The Population.

By Michael Avery in Puzzle On 30th April 2017

#1 This one should be really easy to start us off. Fill in the blank: “Sorry, but these shoes are ___ expensive”. Is the answer “too” or “to”?

If you said "Too" give yourself a pat on the back.

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#2 This one is a bit harder. “Claire kissed ___ yesterday?” Would it be “who” or “whom”?

If you said "who" you're a pretty smart apple. Let's move on.

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#3 Here’s a second who/whom question: “ ___ should we invite to the party?”.

The correct answer is again "who".

#4 Most people can't tell the difference between "affect" and "effect". Can you? “The storm severely ________ millions of people.”

Is it “affected” or “effected”?

Affect is almost always used a verb, while effect is most commonly used as a noun. With that being said, "Affected" is the answer.

#5 Since you now know the difference let's try another one. “The students wanted to ________ change on the campus.” Is it “affect” or “effect”?

Just so you know, this is a trick question!

The right answer is "effect". The reason it is tricky is because "to effect change" is a fixed phrase where the word effect is used as a verb.

#6 Let's see how well you do with this one. “Who ate all the donuts ____ I bought this morning?” Is the answer “which” or “that”?

Common sense should have covered this one for you but if it didn't the answer is "That"

#7 This next one might be a little tricky. “Neither one of us ___ capable of winning.” What should go in the blank, “is” or “are”?

Because the sentence is referring to multiple people the answer must be plural meaning that "Are" is the correct word.

#8 Finally we have,“She is one of those doctors who _____ house calls.” What should be placed here “make” or “makes”?

The correct answer is "Makes"

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