Can You Spot The Shape Hidden In This Image? Just One In Every 2,000 People Can Solve It!

By Editorial Staff in Puzzle On 29th December 2016

#1 Can you pass the latest test by Playbuzz? See if you can find the 2's and what shape they are

It might sound easy enough but be warned, the number 2's are hidden among lots more number 5's.

When you look long enough, the numbers appear to blend into each other which makes it difficult to decipher what the number 2's are trying to form.

Luckily, Playbuzz gives you multiple choice answers to make things a little easier.

It is just one in a very long line of puzzles and brainteasers sweeping the web this week so take a chance and see how many you can get right and you might just be the one in 2,000.

#2 Which shape do the 2's form this time? It could be a square, circle, rectangle or triangle

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#3 Number three offers you the same multiple choices but the answer is different this time around

#4 What letter do the number 2's form in this question? They could be spelled out in the shape of a T, X, O or H

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#5 Hidden among the 5's is a letter made up of lots of 2's. The answers include V, I, Y and L

#6 The 2's are a lot closer together this time which might make it trickier to work out but there is a hidden letter and it could be Y, K, C or X

#7 In the top right hand corner there is a group of number 2's that spell out a letter. Which one is it? An F, T, P or E

#8 Which shape do the 2's form this time? The multiple choice answers are a heart, a kite, a trapezoid or teacup

#9 And finally, do you see the word hidden in the 5's? It is either OK, SH, NO or SO

#10 If you get them all right, Playbuzz tells you that you have an 'exceptionally unique brain'.