Cancer Vaccine That Successfully Cures 97% Of Tumours In Mice Is About To Start Human Trials

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Health and Fitness On 29th March 2018

The vaccine that cures 97 percent of blood tumors in mice will be tested on Lymphoma patients this year.


Remarkable results

Stanford University School of Medicine researchers found a new cancer vaccine that activates T cells in tumors and successfully cured 97% cancer in mice.


No chemotherapy is required

The vaccine will now be available to patients with low-grade lymphoma in a year if approved. The vaccine contains two drugs which have few side effects including soreness and potential fever, patients who will receive the vaccine will not require any chemotherapy.


According to the news release:

"The current clinical trial is expected to recruit about 15 patients with low-grade lymphoma. If successful, Levy believes the treatment could be useful for many tumor types. He envisions a future in which clinicians inject the two agents into solid tumors in humans prior to surgical removal of cancer as a way to prevent recurrence due to unidentified metastases or lingering cancer cells, or even to head off the development of future tumors that arise due to genetic mutations like BRCA1 and 2."

Dr. Ronald Levy, senior author of the study told the Stanford Medicine News Center:

"Our approach uses a one-time application of very small amounts of two agents to stimulate the immune cells only within the tumor itself. In the mice, we saw amazing, bodywide effects, including the elimination of tumors all over the animal."

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