Candidate Ruined Job Interview In Minutes After They Misunderstood Simple Question

By Harsh Rana in Community On 9th July 2024

People are flocking online to share their thoughts after a hopeful candidate revealed just how quickly they "messed up" a job interview.

Job interviews are possibly one of the most nerve-wracking activities any of us ever have to go through.

No matter how well-prepared you are, something always seems to throw a wrench in the works.

Whether it's making a rogue joke in an attempt to break the ice or fumbling up the initial handshake, things can go downhill before you've even really started.

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One candidate revealed that they stumbled at the very first question and within just two minutes of the interview getting underway.

Reddit user u/That_Comic_Who_Quit took to the thread r/UKJobs to ask: "What's the earliest you've messed up a job interview?"

To kick things off, they decided to share their own example. They explained that they were asked by the interviewer, "Tell me how you got here today?" The candidate quickly replied, "By bus."

Their post continues: "I got a stone cold stare as the realization hit me... He meant in my career, not to the physical office. The remaining 58 minutes were just going through the motions."

It's easier than you think to accidentally put your foot in it in job interviews. Getty Stock Images/ Xavier Lorenzo

It hasn't taken long for people to flood the comments, sharing their own equally toe-curling yet hilarious experiences.

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U/LucidTopiary said: "'What's your background?' I look behind myself and back around to the video call.

'Well, it's a sort of mirror?'... 'I mean, what is your background in work?'... I still haven't recovered from that."

"'Do you have a driving license and your own car?' 'Yes.' 'Is it clean?' 'Er, yeah, I washed it the other day actually.' 'I meant the license...'" U/Onebadlion added.

U/TastyDragonfruit3000 wrote: "I was 18 and had applied to be a GP receptionist while trying to figure out what I wanted to do with life."

"I had just dropped out of uni and was in a bad place. I had been plagued by spam calls in recent days, and I got a 'no caller ID' call.

I answered it with silence... there was also silence on the other end. After about 10 seconds, I said, 'So, are you going to say something? What do you want?' in an annoyed tone."

"Turns out it was the GP receptionist calling me to test my phone manner as a screening process. I didn't get the job!"

So, how about you? Do you have any similar stories to share?