Cat Rescued from Death Row Waited for His Forever Human. Now a Year Later...

By Editorial Staff in Feel Good On 16th September 2015

#1 “This is the photo posted by ‘Team Cat Rescue’ the rescue agency who saved him,” the human dad

"Wicket came from a kill shelter in Montreal. This rescue agency basically drives back and forth from Quebec to Ontario shuttling cats and dogs that are going to be put down. To this day I am shocked that anyone would surrender this cat."

#2 Wicket holding his human’s hand.

After Wicket was freed from death row by Team Cat Rescue, he and his human met. "I've always wondered if adoption photos are photoshopped. But no, he's just that handsome." Follow Wicket on Instagram.

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#4 “Wicket is a big cat. The adoption people think he is a Norwegian Forest Cat or Maine Coon. They are probably right… ”

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#5 Now Wicket spends a lot of time being a lap cat, although he’s bigger than most laps.

#6 “He needs to be around me all the time.”

#7 “He’s helping me through my Phd. Wicket totally understand race, gender and class as interlocking systems of oppression.”

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#8 He likes to look out the window.

#9 or sleeps on his human’s bed next to him…

#10 or prevents his human from working.

#11 He does the thriller dance for his human dad so he can tickle his belly.

#12 Wicket is very attached to his human dad. “He falls asleep on me…”

#13 “One year with Wicket… I think he’s happy with me.”