Celebrities Are Obsessed With These $10K YSL Boots But You Can Get Them For Less

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Fashion

The latest items that have had bougie people all over the world screaming are the new YSL boots. I'm sure you might have stopped scrolling on Instagram once you saw them. They are beyond flashy, and they grab your attention quickly. And if you really looked into buying these boots, then you know that the price tag is not for the faint of heart.


These are the original YSL thigh-high boots with allover embroidered white crystals that have had everyone talking.

And folks are either talking about how dramatic they are or how much they cost.


There’s something to be said about glitz and glamour — it’s the boot of the season.

When YSL debuted their sparkly boots on the runway, celebrities flocked like bugs to a flame.


Rihanna, always light years ahead in the style stakes she was the first celebrity to Instagram a snap of her fancy footwear.

She wore Vaccarello's disco boots fresh off the catwalk, styled with low-key ripped light denim jeans, oversized leather jacket, and the freshest of hoop earrings.


Kendall Jenner also made headlines over the weekend when she wore a pair of ultra-pricey Saint Laurent boots to a basketball game in Los Angeles.

Giving us some The Devil Wears Prada vibes, she was all,"Are you wearing—the sparkly Saint Laurent boots? Yeah, I am," from her courtside seat.

The head-turning-boots cost a cool $10,000 and are embellished with a subtle 6,000 rhinestones.

New fashion muse Céline Dion also took a pair out for a spin.

It seems like they are the only people who can afford them.

NeNe Leakes from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta wore them, or should I say rocked them.


It’s fair to say these boots are THE status-symbol clothing item of the season.

YSL wasn't the only fashion house to flaunt glitter feet on the catwalk. We saw calf-length, square-toed silver boots at Chanel’s space odyssey of a fall '17 show, while Isabel Marant paired sparkly heels with glitzy socks.

Cardi B paired the YSL boots with this stunning one-piece sparkling outfit she wore at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards!

All these beautiful women styled their boots so differently from the next, and you can do it, too.

The $10,000 boot is a tad over your budget, many brands have similar versions. There are some convincing options in the $100+ range if you want to be ballin' on a budget.


eBay also has a few believable options. Stay grounded on the dance floor with this chunky heel!

Aldo “Sparkle” cost $130.

Steve Madden “Crushing Boot” cost $299.99


Aldo boots cost a cool $240.

Liliana "Black Piping" cost $94.99.

Transform into a walking disco ball without breaking the bank in these boots!