Celebrity Children Who've Done Jail Time

By Michael Avery in Entertainment On 26th September 2015


Michael Douglas' son Cameron has seen plenty of jail time. He was initially given a lenient sentence for drug charges, according to The Daily Mail. Sadly, Douglas didn't walk the straight and narrow path during his prison stint and had even more time added to his sentence when he was caught smuggling drugs while behind bars. Douglas is a tragic reminder that addiction can have such a ripple effect.


Lionel Richie's daughter was famous for a reality show, and for hanging out with Paris Hilton. She went to jail and served 82 minutes of a four-day sentence for DUI, according to PEOPLE. She was pregnant with daughter Harlow at the time, but was released early due to the crowded conditions. It was hardly real jail time, but it had to be a Scared Straight moment for the onetime celebutante. She has since turned her life around, with two kids and a booming business, thanks to her House of Harlow fashion brand.

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The red-headed only son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal is often staring down legal trouble. Radar Online reports that he was sentenced to three years in a state prison for violating his probation; he was charged with a felony for heroin possession. O'Neal did get some credit for time served, but still. He has navigated quite a rocky road. With his stunning mother having passed away, it might be harder for him to get the help that he needs.


Action star Jackie Chan's son was jailed on drug charges, serving six months. The South China Morning Post notes that the younger Chan was incredibly remorseful at a press conference upon release. He said: "As a public figure, this incident has brought a negative impact on society. My supporters have been let down and my business partners have suffered losses. I do not have any reasons or excuses, I made a mistake. I am here to offer my apology to the public for my mistakes. I'm truly sorry. From now, I must live the life of a lawful citizen." Lesson learned. Interestingly, Chan's father did not try to leverage his fame for leniency and his parents did not visit him in jail. Jaycee was okay with that, as he didn't want his family to suffer further.

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Marlon Brando's family has been fraught with tragedy. The legendary actor's eldest son Christian was jailed for manslaughter. According to ABC, Brando shot and killed Dag Drollet, the boyfriend and baby daddy of his sister Cheyenne. Brando chalked it up as being an accident and Cheyenne had claimed Drollet was abusing her. Brando eventually pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and served approximately five years of his 10-year sentence. He was released in 1996. Brando eventually died in 2008 at the age of 49. An even sadder side note: Cheyenne hung herself in 1995; she was just 25.


Sean, the son of Aussie rocker Rod Stewart, is a reality show veteran who fostered a bad boy reputation. He spent three months in jail after engaging in a bar fight in Malibu in 2002, according to The Mirror.


James Brown's daughter Venisha has quite an arrest record. The Jail Report notes that she was sentenced to five years in prison for theft but it was reduced to a year as long as she participated in a residential substance abuse program. She has reportedly been arrested over two dozen times in nearly 20 years.