Celebs Who Changed Their Looks When They Got Famous

By Michael Avery in Entertainment On 27th September 2015


Blondes have more fun, right? Madonna has been a blonde for most of her career, but she has never hidden the fact that she is a natural brunette. The singer's blonde ambition and her mole made her look like an '80s version of Marilyn Monroe, and she has been defining and perverting fashion for decades. She was quite the style chameleon in the late '80s and early '90s, and experimenting with everything from a platinum pixie to a golden ponytail at the height of her fame. She got famous when she changed her hair but kept on making changes.


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The musical diva known as Lady Gaga actually went blonde based on someone else's suggestion while she was still scratching clawing her way from the Upper East Side to the top of the pop food chain, according to The New York Post. It's worth noting that while Lady Gaga stands out with flaxen locks, but she was born with thick mane of dark brown hair.


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It might seem unfair to say that Kylie Jenner changed her looks when she got famous, since everyone in her family is famous for being famous. But when we first met Kylie, she was an itty bitty thing with average-sized lips. As her fame increased in 2015, so did the size of her pucker. Her inflated trout pout was a hot topic for much of the year, yet the reality starlet defiantly attributed her puffy pucker to deftness with lip liner and lipstick. She eventually admitted to getting injectable fillers onwhere else?Keeping Up With The Kardashians.



The singer we know and love as Katy Perry didn't just change her nameshe was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudsonwhen she got famous. She is actually a natural blonde, which is sorta "meh" on her. Once the pop starlet rocked that Bettie Page 'do, which consisted of glossy black locks and rolled bangs, her career also began its ascent. Her hair has been all different shades of pink, blue, and green since she achieved massive fame. But that black 'do put her on the map.



Before she became the most famous friend, Jennifer Aniston was a struggling actress trying to make a breakthrough. According to She Knows, her agent told her to shed some excess pounds, so she did. The actress also eventually launched a million copycat hairdos with the choppy, piecey shag that eventually became known as "The Rachel," named after her sitcom character.



Soap star Lisa Rinna's voluptuous lips are considered a cautionary tale when it comes to injectables, since she ended up with an extreme (and unflattering) trout pout. As she cruised from Days of Our Lives on daytime to Melrose Place and prime time, her lips kept getting puffier and puffier until they were too exaggerated for her to deny it. According to The Huffington Post, she confessed to silicon fillers.



Teen Mom starlet Farrah Abraham has transmogrified before our very eyes. She hasn't been shy about admitting that she got a littleokay, a lotof help from a plastic surgeon, receiving lip injections, a nose job, and boob implants. She came clean on Bethenny Frankel's now-defunct talk show. Abraham doesn't look natural at all, and she even caused more controversy when she told Us Weekly she wouldn't discourage her toddler daughter Sophia from going under the knife for cosmetic purposes.



The rapper Lil Kim is barely recognizable these days, having altered her looks with surgery after the height of her fame in the early 2000s. Her rep has repeatedly denied the plastic surgery claims. But all you need is a pair of functioning eyes to see that Kim of now doesn't look anything like Kim of then.



It's a particularly sad tale for Heidi Montag. The reality star and wannabe singer revealed that she had ten (ten!!) procedures in a single day and posed with her new, sculpted, and not-found-in-nature body on a PEOPLE cover. Lauren Conrad's nemesis looked like a human Barbie with totally out-of-proportion curves. Her fame, which was D-List at best, has since waned and she eventually reduced her massive breasts.