Cheating Boyfriend Caught After This Facebook Post Went Viral

By Michael Avery in Life Style On 5th October 2015


It's impossible to hide anything these days, with social media catching people out left right and centre. This is one thing that this guy ‘Matt' from Wythenshawe has possibly learned the hard way. Well Matt's girlfriend Emily found out, any way.


If old movies taught us anything, it is not to kiss and tell which is exactly what this girl Pippa did in an attempt to find the frog she kissed in a club and had assumed was a prince. We can confirm he was definitely a frog.

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They met on a night out, but Pippa accidentally took his number down wrong. She then took to Facebook to make a public appeal on the whereabouts of her elusive love object.

The post went viral because who doesn't love a pair of star crossed lovers, right? But then it came out that Matt already had a girlfriend, and she's wasn't too happy to find out what he apparently gets up to. Uh oh.

This gave the post even more viral-power and it grew further, at which point Pippa realised her post might have been a slight error in judgment:


A friend of Matt's girlfriend tagged her in the post. Busted.

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Emily's relationship status is still set to ‘in relationship', so we can only assume there are some serious discussions being had between the pair over in Wythenshawe.