Check Out Jaimeson And Anderson's Applauding Story Of Survival Against Rare Birth Defects

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 8th March 2018

Lisa Pleasants-Smith gave birth to her second child in Florida 20 years ago, panic swept across the delivery room upon her son's birth. Jaimeson Pleasant is born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a condition that affects facial development. Lisa later adopted a child suffering from the similar medical condition. Anderson and Jaimeson are now each other support system and both the boys plan to attend college soon, planning to do majors in their favorite fields and live their dreams.

#1 Jaimeson Is Born With A Rare Condition That Affects His Facial Features Severly

Jaimeson Pleasants when born 20 years ago, the delivery room erupted into chaos. Jaimeson was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a condition that affects facial development, and was born without cheeks, jaw and part of both ears. Lisa Pleasants-Smith, of Williamsville, at the time of birth, said, "We just heard this little 'hah' sound like a little gasp and I said why isn’t the baby crying."


#2 Jaimeson Says Growing Up He Has Been Bullied Through Out His Life

Lisa says they were not told about their son's condition for 2 hours, "We weren't told for about two hours that they suspected it was Treacher Collins Syndrome." Now, 20, Jamieson is a healthy young man who is living his life to the fullest, but growing up things were never very easy for him.

As a child, Jaimeson was born as a girl but with time the child was transitioned into a female. Jamieson says the world has been cruel to him growing up and he had to face a lot of bullying, to the point that he felt alone or felt like he did not belong.

#3 Thankfully Jaimeson Have His Brother Andy With Him

Lucky for him, Jaimeson has his brother Andy along with his side, all thanks to that one phone call that Lisa received from the adoption agency one day. Lisa was told on the phone that they have a kid with the similar congenital disorder as their son. Would she like to adopt him? Lisa in a heartbeat said yes.


#4 Andy Has Brought New Meaning To Jaimeson's Life

Anderson's presence in the Pleasants's family brought a new meaning of happiness to the family. Jamieson bonded with Andy in a new way, both the boys could relate to the daily struggles and have become each other strengths over the time.

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