Check Out The 10 Most Curious Birth Stories! #7 Is Hard To Imagine.

By Johny in Amazing On 11th September 2015

#1 This baby girl was born at 1:11 on 1/11/11…how’s that for timing?

#2 These twin sisters gave birth on the same day, at the same hospital, and the babies were only 14 minutes apart.

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#3 This mama had a single birth the first time around, second time was twins and her mom’s prediction was correct that her third delivery would be triplets! I wonder if quadruplets would come from a 4th pregnancy?

#4 Five members of the same family all share the same birth date. I bet they have some big birthday celebrations!

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#5 This woman thought she just had a severe case of IBS, but when she went to the doctor she found out she was pregnant. At 10 pm doctors confirmed she was 3 months pregnant- in fact she was actually 9 months- and 4.5 hours later a baby girl was born at 2:30 am!

#6 These twins were born 1 minute apart, but in different years! Their daughter was born in December on the last minute of 2010, and their son was born the first minute of January in 2011.

#7 Without her husband around, or a phone to call a doctor, this woman performed her own c-section after going into labor at night, using a 15 cm knife and only a few gulps of rubbing alcohol to ease her pain. Ines Ramirez is now known as the only woman to have successfully performed her own c-section. I can’t even imagine…

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#8 A mixed-race British couple has defied the odds — twice — by producing two sets of twins in which one sibling appears to be black and the other white. Dean Durrant’s newborn daughter Miya has dark skin like him. Twin sister Leah has fair skin like her blue-eyed, red-haired mother, Alison Spooner.Their older siblings Lauren and Hayleigh, born in 2001, also have strikingly different skin tones and eye colors. Both sets of twins are fraternal rather than identical, meaning they are the product of two separately fertilized eggs, so it is not unusual that they don’t look alike. Miya’s skin color was more influenced by her father’s genes, while Leah takes after her mother.But scientists say it’s rare for a couple to have two sets of twins, end even rarer for them to have such different appearances. The phenomenon is so uncommon that there are no statistics to illustrate its probability, although it is thought likely to become more common because of the growing number of mixed-race couples.

#9 This mom gave birth to a baby nearly her own size! Stacey Herald, a 28 1/2-inch (72 cm) woman, gave birth to an 18-inch (46 cm) daughter who wasn’t much smaller than her mother!

#10 A Michigan housewife is celebrating the birth of her daughter Cearra on the 10.10.10. It follows the birth of her son on 09.09.09 and her other daughter on 08.08.08, at the odds of 50 million to one. Barbara Soper, 36, said: ‘She’s our own little miracle.’ Despite the neat pattern of their children’s birthdays, the Sopers insist it was not planned… Barbie Soper tells The Grand Rapids Press she’s excited about her children’s unique birth dates and that they ‘all get to share in it.