Check Out The Men Who Are Totally Rocking The Makeup World

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion

The artistry of makeup is so vast that it is bringing people of all races, genders, and sexuality together. What is great about makeup is that it is something anyone can get their hands on and has the ability to totally transform a person. Makeup was always pegged as something for women, but lately, there have been a lot of men who are starting to use it just as often as women. With makeup on the rise so are makeup artists. In this article, we will pay homage to some of the best male makeup artists out there.



17-year-old, James Charles, became the very first male ambassador for Cover Girl. He became instantly famous for slaying his senior photo. Makeup in hand, he rocked an amazing look and even brought along his own lighting to get the best senior photo, ever.



Thomas Halbert is known for his crazy makeup experiments. He has a truly unique style when it comes to applying his makeup that helps keep him in the spotlight. Whether he is experimenting with a crazy look or doing something elegant, he slays every time.



This Filipino American is Patrick Starr who has built his own empire through the use of Instagram and YouTube. He is one of the biggest YouTube star known for always speaking the truth and keeping his haters at bay.



Patricio Quintana has been doing his makeup since the age of 13. He used to watch his mom put on her makeup and learned how to do it himself. He has truly perfected his techniques over the years and is currently pursuing a career in makeup artistry.



This is Agel Merino, makeup artist to the stars. He has done makeup to the stars for several Hollywood events. He truly wows people with his talent which has helped him make his mark in the Hollywood crowd.



Manny MUA is by far the most known makeup artist on YouTube and Instagram. He has over 3 million followers and that number increases exponentially with each new video he posts.



Jony Sios is known for his unique and super crazy makeup looks. While he is not on YouTube, this internet sensation has amassed more than half a million followers on social media.



This makeup artist, who spends most of his time in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, is Zachary Edward. He is one of the best at pulling off the more complicated looks, and even better is the fact that he has a massive closet full of designer clothing.


Jack Emory is a self-taught makeup artist that has dedicated the majority of his time to the artistry behind makeup and perfecting his amazing skills. He really blows people away with his intricate looks and tutorials.



Known for his plump, oversized lips is Arieh Jacob. He spends his time teaching his viewers how to apply their makeup just like the Hollywood elite. He is another who's social media following grows exponentially every day.


Miguel, a Florida based MUA, has truly perfected the artistry behind the most exotic looks. Most of his followers tune in to his channel because of his unique facial structure and his love of makeup. Plus, there is not a single lipstick out there that does not look good on this guy.



This blue haired Latino from of L.A. is Gabriel Zamora. He is incredibly talented and his makeup always looks picture perfect. If you go check him out, you will see most of his videos are in English, but there are some in Spanish as well.



We all know who Jeffree Star is. He is a HUGE name in the makeup world not only for his talent as a makeup artist but for launching his own line of cosmetics. He is a bit of a drama queen, but his skills are unmatched.


Alanized is a young boy with a passion for makeup. In his videos, he walks his viewers through step by step instruction on how to achieve whatever look he is working on. This kid is full of passion for makeup artistry and is fun to watch because of his great sense of humor.


They call Alexxander James the highlight queen. The only thing more remarkable than his blinding highlight is his remarkable brows. He has so much talent and skill and is not afraid to show that off.