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Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Life Style On 4th February 2018

Being overweight is hard enough without being judged by other people, especially while on vacation. One man saw the struggles that plus-sized people were going through while trying to enjoy their vacations and decided to do something about it.

The Resort

Taking a vacation is supposed to be a fun time filled with rest and relaxation especially if you go to a beach resort. However, if you are overweight, you might not have the most fun because of anxiety and fear of being fat-shamed over your size. Entrepreneur James King created an all-inclusive hotel resort that caters to plus-sized people called The Resort. It is located on Eleuthera/Harbour Island in the Bahamas.


He felt he had to do something.

King said that he came up with the idea several years ago when he saw plus-sized people running into awkward and humiliating situations while visiting other hotels.

"On my first day working at a resort in Grenada, a young woman sat down in one of the loungers, and she went right through it, and everybody on the beach was laughing. The next day I was in my office, and I hear screaming and yelling, and she was having a fit because the owner’s policy was that she was charged $150 for the destruction of hotel property. And I thought that it was insane… I tried to convince the owners that we needed furniture other than this plastic flimsy stuff, and they didn’t care. I decided that I had to do something."

Reinforced Furniture

King made it so people visiting The Resort did not run into these kinds of issues. He furnished his hotel with reinforced beds and extra wide doors. He even had the lounge chairs made from strong wood that can withstand up to 560 pounds.


Feeling Normal

Guests of The Resort love being able to feel normal. One guest said that she was incredibly comfortable at The Resort. She recalled a time while at another vacation location walking down the beach and hearing people refer to her as a beached whale.

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