Check Out The Worst Beauty Moments From 2017

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion

Fat shaming and discrimination against people who do not fit the idea of perfect is just part of the worst beauty moments for 2017. While the whole year has seen highs and lows in all kinds of ways, the beauty industry was not left unscathed. As we step into 2018, we can only hope that people will open their minds to different communities and colors.


When A Study Showed That Black Women's Products Have More Chemicals

Research shows that women of color have more exposure to chemicals in their beauty products due to pressures to meet certain beauty ideals. Products like skin-lightening creams and hair relaxers are full of potentially toxic chemicals. It is time for these beauty companies to be held accountable for the chemicals they use and the message that these products send to women.

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When A Nail Salon Decided They Would Only Do Thin Women

A customer at a Memphis nail salon snapped a picture of this offensive sign that she saw hanging on the wall. People were outraged. One woman turned her anger into action. She opened a salon where plus-size women are not only welcomed, they are celebrated.


We Love Babydoll Beauty Couture

The shop is called Babydoll Beauty Couture and is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has waxing benches that can hold up to 600 pounds and pedicure chairs that can support 800 pounds and will accommodate women with hips as wide as 85 inches. To top it all off, they have a well-trained staff that make the place friendly and welcoming.


When Self Cut Hair Didn't Quite Cut It

We all know that some of these beauty bloggers and vloggers do some pretty strange things. One of the strangest things were the ones who decided to cut their own hair with no experience.

When This K-Pop Star Got $90,000 Worth Of Plastic Surgery

One K-Pop girl group made headlines with their plastic surgery project. They released a series of videos documenting their journeys called "Becoming Prettier." The whole thing cost them collectively $90,000.

When Body Hair Was Such A Problem

Supermodel Gigi Hadid and Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, made the news with their armpit hair. While it was meant to be an empowering moment, it did not end up that way. Everyone seemed to lose their minds and slammed the women for their choice.

When The World Of Fake Makeup Exploded

We can always expect to see counterfeit products when new, expensive lines of products are released. However, we did not know how bad these fake products could be until some women were reporting chemical burns on their faces from these counterfeit products. We got some deep insight into the conditions that these counterfeit products are made in.

When Grazia UK Edited A Cover Girl's Hair To Fit Their So-Called Standards

Lupito Nyongo's hair was edited out of her picture that landed on this magazine. After receiving a ton of backlash over their decision, the photographer apologized for erasing her braids and smoothing her hair out to fit the more Eurocentric idea of what beauty looks like. We hope that 2018 will be about celebrating natural textures instead of hiding them.