Check Out These Celebrities And Their Bizarre Pets

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Bizarre On 30th March 2018

It is no surprise that some celebrities are a little weird. Some of them are downright eccentric. So, knowing that some celebrities have chosen some bizarre pets should not be a huge shocker. From monkeys and chickens to giraffes and anteaters, these celebrities and their pets will truly blow your mind.

Salvador Dali and His Anteater

We figured that we might as well start this story off with one of the strangest pets a celebrity has kept. Renowned artist Salvador Dali kept a huge anteater as a pet. He apparently became obsessed with anteaters after seeing the work of André Breton, another artist, who also earned the nickname, "le tamanoir" or "the anteater."


Nicolas Cage and His Octopus

Nicolas Cage is widely known for making bizarre and extravagant purchases, but nothing tops what he spent to have his very own octopus. He dished out $150,000 for this giant sea creature, and he even says that the octopus helped him with his acting. We are not quite sure how, but whatever works for him, right?

Tori Spelling and Coco

Yes, that is a chicken on her head. Tori is one of many celebrities who have farm animals as pets. Tori received Coco as a 44th birthday gift from her husband and children. She immediately became a chicken whisperer.


George Clooney and Max

You might have wondered why George Clooney stayed single for so many years. It was because he already had his heart stolen by a300lb Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. He had bought the pig for Kelly Preston way back when they were dating. When they split, she left the pig behind. The funniest part of this duo is that Clooney jokes that his relationship with the pig is the longest he ever had. Sadly, it is totally true.

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