Check Out These Heartbreaking Before And Heartwarming After Photos Of Animals Adopted From Shelters

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Feel Good On 9th May 2018

There are so many sad and lonely dogs and cats sitting miserably in shelters around the world. These are kind, loving animals that have been waiting for forever homes to call their own. Most of these shelters are overpopulated, so many, many of them are put to sleep every day. This is why it is so important to adopt instead of buying from breeders. These animals deserve love too.

Poor Kitty

It looks like this newborn kitty was taken away from its mother too soon. The poor thing was so tiny and unkempt that it looked like it might not survive. However, with the help of her new humans in her forever home, she seems to be thriving. She ended up being a real beauty.


Sad Pooch

This guy looks so miserable in his cage in the shelter. He does not look incredibly young either. We don't know if he was a stray or a owner surrender. All we do know is that he is happy and healthy in his new home.

Shabby Kitty

This poor kitten was so shabby and dirty looking when it arrived at the shelter. Since being adopted, she has thrived. She looks very happy and healthy in her new home.



This poor guy was obviously starved almost to death and likely abused as well. It is such a shame that people will allow this to happen to their pets. The good news is that he is doing really well in his forever home. He has even gotten to a nice healthy weight and size.

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