Check Out These TV And Movie Drinking Games

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Entertainment On 23rd May 2018

Need Something To Do This Weekend? These drinking games are great especially if you just plan to sit around and binge watch your favorite shows. Just be sure you do not plan on going out anywhere afterward. You are guaranteed to be thoroughly inebriated after some of these. Please drink responsibly.


The Office

Personally, I am not a fan of this show, but if there is nothing else on the TV, I will sit and watch it. It is pretty easy to get drunk fast off of this game, especially if you have to drink every time Jim gives "the look".


Harry Potter

If you plan on doing this one, please do not plan to do it during a Harry Potter marathon. Seriously. You might die.



We are not sure what "hardcore mode" is. We guess you leave that up to your own discretion. You could do the top parts as sips of a drink and the hardcore part as shots. You will have a better chance of surviving that way.

Star Wars

Let's be honest. True Star Wars fans do not drink when watching these movies. If they did, they would not be able to recite every scene word for word or be able to make proper wooshing noises while pretending to hold a light saber.


The Hobbit

This game looks a little messy. You might want to be prepared. There is a lot of spitting going on. Plus, what is up with drinking a "bear" out of a bowl? How does that even work?

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