Children Sprout Hair All Over Their Bodies After They Were Mistakenly Given Minoxidil Hair Restorer For Stomach Upset In Spain

Posted by Sama in Bizarre On 4th December 2020

In an incident of mislabeled medicines, these 20 Spanish kids were administered hair restorer medicine minoxidil instead of stomach treatment medicine omeprazole. Two years after the bizarre happening, the parents are now seeking legal help as according to them their kids keep on growing hair back even after undergoing multiple treatments.


In a bizarre incident in the city of Torrelavega in the northern Spanish region of Cantabria, 20 children grew hair all over their bodies after they were mistakenly given the wrong medicine for their upset stomach. 

The children were given hair restorer instead of stomach medicine and pictures revealed show their bodies covered in hair from head to toe. 




Local officials admitted that a group of children was mistakenly given minoxidil, a medication for hair growth, instead of omeprazole, used to treat gastric reflux. 

The syrup was actually mislabeled and then it was delivered to Granada, Cantabria and Valencia where chemists mixed it into a formula to treat reflux.


Seeing such a drastic reaction to the medicine, the furious parents to the case to media which revealed that 20 children were affected by this incident in Andalusia and the Valencian Community prompting a similar probe on the suspicion the same mistake may have been made there.

Two years after this bizarre blunder the affected parents are asking for compensation as they say that their kids despite having treatments hair keeps on growing. 



According to data from the Ministry of Health, the authorities discovered at the end of July last year that the mistake had been made when a group of families, represented by lawyer Javier Diaz Aparicio, filed a complaint with the authorities.

It took the officials to find the labeling error in no less than 2 months. 

'Why does it take more than two months to test a medicine?' Amaia, a mother whose baby was affected, asked Spain's Antena 3 television station last year. 

'We have been told nothing. I am furious, scared and feel misunderstood and a complete lack of empathy.'

The mother also reveals that her daughter took a high dose of the medicine and no one offered her guidance to deal with the situation. 

The families have now taken the situation into their hands and have filed civil and criminal complaints for importing and distributing the drug for manufacturing, distributing, and selling, as well as against two pharmacies in Cantabria which were later acquitted by the judge.


The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products ordered that several batches from Farma-Química Sur SL, a Malaga-based pharmaceuticals company, be taken out of circulation on July 11, 2019. 

The children who took minoxidil developed a condition known as hypertrichosis, the appearance of excess hair on the body - sometimes referred to as 'werewolf syndrome'.

This disease if naturally occurring then has no cure but it is still unclear if the effects of the medicine can be revered on these Spanish kids.