Chilling Footage Shows Last Sighting Of Woman Who Claimed The Elite Were 'Eating Humans' Before Mysteriously Vanishing

By maks in Weird On 10th June 2024

A chilling video has surfaced showing a woman loudly claiming that the elite are 'eating people' just before she mysteriously vanished.

This incident involves Gabriela Rico Jiménez, a model from Mexico who disappeared about 15 years ago following her bizarre outburst.

During her impassioned speech, she exclaimed in Spanish about a conspiracy that involved deceased former members of Mexico's government.

She accused 'elite' individuals of engaging in cannibalism and consuming human flesh, which was captured in her alarming speech.

Jiménez shouted claims about cannibalism. YouTube / Q69573

At the time, Jiménez was 21 years old. 

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She was handcuffed by the police after her rant and was subsequently led away, never to be seen in public again.

The case has resurfaced due to its feature on the podcast "Mexico Unexplained," which revisited the years-old mystery.

This podcast explores various supernatural and mysterious theories in Mexico, including UFO sightings.

So, what exactly did Jiménez say during her rant?

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She began by stating: "I wanted my freedom. Monterrey freed me but it cost me a lot of work."

She added: "I was in Mexico City for a year and four months. All this began in mid 2001. I barely remember."

Jiménez has not been seen since. YouTube / Q69573

The 21-year-old mentioned several wealthy and influential people in Mexico, including Juan Camilo Mouriño Terrazo.

Mouriño was a prominent politician in the National Action Party who led efforts against drug cartels in Mexico before his untimely death.

Footage of the incident shows police officers approaching Jiménez as she continued her tirade.

She exclaimed: "They have already taken me to the police station, and there they told me that they knew nothing!"

The situation escalated when Jiménez pointed at an officer and accused: "You! You were there! Go get the [expletive]! You killed Mouriño!"

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She went on to say: "They told me who did they kill? The Queen of England? The Queen of Germany? Did they kill the princesses and Mickey Mouse?

"It was also him! What? Nothing is going to come here. The people where you come from are crazy! They killed a lot of people. Death to that kind of human! Go away!"

Jiménez then accused people of cannibalism, repeatedly stating: "They ate humans! Disgusting! They ate humans! 

"I wasn't aware of anything. Of the murders, yes, but they ate humans! Humans! They smell like human flesh!"

Eventually, Jiménez was detained by the officers. 

A video caption explained that she was taken to a psychiatric facility in the Buenos Aires colony.

The caption further noted that she would stay there until she could receive the necessary 'help and be well cared for.'