Chinese Tattoo Artist Creates Amazing Tattoos That Looks Like Beautiful Water Color Paintings

Posted by Sama in Fashion On 20th March 2020

Tattoos are more than just a mark of rebellion now. Each tattoo carries a story with itself. Either it is the name of a lover, or one's own self-journey or a tattoo depicting one's personal struggle in life. There is a whole lot story with a hidden meaning inside it. The latest tattoo artist to make a hit online with tattoo lovers is Chen Jie. This talented artist is good with his work and paints such a beautiful tattoo with fine intricate details on the body that one would mistake the tattoo for a watercolor painting.


#1 Chen Jie draws the coolest tattoos for his customers

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#2 So beautiful


#3 Such fine details


#4 Mesmerizing

#5 It's like the body is his canvas

#6 Wow

#7 Stunning

#8 Into the wild


#9 Birds everywhere

#10 Such fine details

#11 Elegant and beautiful

#12 He has his way with flowers


#13 Each tattoo has a deeper meaning behind it

#14 Cool

#15 He brings his tattoos to life with his skills