Comparison Pictures From Around The World That Shows The Drastic Impact Quarantine Had On The Environment

Posted by Sama in Nature and Travel On 24th April 2020

The thought of humans forced to stay at home and roads being empty to the point that animals start roaming there, is like a plot from a psycho-thriller movie. We always enjoyed those zombie apocalyptic movies where the world is shown on the verge of ending and there is chaos everywhere. Never in the wildest dreams, one would have imagined that few years down the lane, we will actually experience such a scene in our real lives. This lockdown and quarantine have forced us to look at life from a new point of view. One major lesson these social distancing times is teaching us is not to take our freedom for granted.

Not long before lockdown, one major crisis the world faced was global warming and climate change because of the uncontrolled pollution. It was an issue that was almost out of the hands and it looked like the world will end soon because of these crises.

But it looks like the lockdown and social distancing times have changed this scenario. So, one good thing we are getting out of this lockdown is the drastic positive impact it has caused on the environment. Here are some of the before and after pictures taken from around the world and needless to say the change is surprising and new hope for a fresh start for humans.

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