Couple Asks The Internet To Photoshop Guy Out Of A Pic, The Internet Delivers

By Aleena in Funny On 2nd May 2023

The Original

Oops! What am I seeing?

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When you're feeling a bit goofy and need to smile


People who love each other and happen to like spending time in bars.

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Statue of Liberty just wants to have fun! 😂😂

What a fun way to welcome couple!


🎶 Good Boi came in like a wrecking baaaaallll 🎶


Someone order Vincent a $5 milkshake, please.

This is what happens when you try to wake up a grumpy cat. 😴

I'll take "Things that will never happen for this guy" for a thousand please.


Still got the shirtless guy, now with an extra chad 😂

This squirrel is so excited to be a part of this happy couple's picture!

I can't believe I'm in the same room as Monet!


Taking a peek at my new neighbor's backyard. #neighborhoodwatch


"Reporter interrupts romantic couple's date to ask if they're single.

So we went from ROTH to A New Hope

Boy tries to play it cool while watching girl with a smiley face in bar.

Ghostly third wheel ruins couple's romantic evening - claims he was just 'dying' to join in on the fun!

Leo pops champagne behind couple, but their love is still the bubbliest thing in the room!


I'm not saying that Trump is a clown, but I'm not not saying it either. 😂


Looking through his binoculars, Kim Jong Un wonders what could be next on his list of targets.


Thank me later, but right now you're welcome!

Comic Book Guy goes on a diet, turns into a graphic novel!

This is what happens when you impulse buy a ticket to the art gallery and your friend is an artist. 😜


Ugh, I feel so terrible for calling my friend a fatty...but LOOK AT THAT CUTE BABY!

When you see your progress pics from when you started your gym.

How about a horny sloth to brighten up your day? 😜

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones 💡

let's just focus on him and forget about the rest of the world for a little while 😊

Mama's got a new workout buddy!


This is what I deal with every day.


When you accidentally post to your story when you meant to send to a friend. 😬

Worried about their future but still funny af

Recycle, please 😜


I'm not sure what I expected when I clicked on this picture...


If how is your married life going had a face.