Couple having sex on train tracks- Woman killed, man's legs severed

By Editorial Staff in Entertainment On 1st October 2013

Couple having sex on tracks- Woman killed, man's legs severed


In what happens to be an accident caused by the carelessness of the couple as they decided to seek an extra thrill by having sex on train tracks in the city of Zaporozhye, Ukraine. The woman, aged 30, was instantly killed and the man, aged 41, whose legs were severed as they couldn't get off the tracks in time, lived to tell the tale.
According to the report by the interior ministry of Ukraine, the couple were returning home after a party when they decided to engage in a sexual thrill on the tracks. Officials said, "the couple failed to overcome their natural passion on the way back home, and wanted to experience an extreme sensation near the railroad tracks."



RIA Novosti, a Russian News agency reported that the couple could not escape the train as the train approached. Zaporozhye is the sixth largest city in Ukraine with a population of 770,000.