Couple Horrified To Discover They’ve Been 'Drinking Toilet Water' For Six Months After Not Paying Water Bill

By Abdul Rafay in News On 30th November 2023
Credit: Jam Press

After learning that they may have been drinking toilet water for six months, a couple decided to take action.

Following what is said to be a horrifying finding, a guy going by the name Mr. Tan and his girlfriend have come forward.


If you didn't think that the horrific news of a lady biting down on a severed finger while eating into her salad was a horrible enough way to start the day, then how about you wash it down with this?

In May of this year, Mr. Tan and his girlfriend started renting an apartment in Beijing, China, for CNY 10,000 ($1,400) a month.

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The couple started suffering health issues soon after moving in; Mr. Tan claimed to have acne breakouts and hair loss, while his girlfriend reported coughing and chest problems.

Mr. Tan claims that they haven't received any water bills for almost six months after moving home.


Not just that, but he asserts that their water source had not been disconnected.

He examined the water meter, experimenting to see the outcome when they used water. However, he asserted that the grey water meter went up when they opened the taps.

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Credit: Jam Press

So, what had they been utilizing for showering? Cooking? Teeth brushing? Or even just for drinking?

The couple discovered something horrifying after calling in the plumbers.

They believed they had been using regular tap water for the last six months in their new apartment, but the plumbers reportedly found an additional line behind the walls and under the flooring that connected the toilet to the water pipes.

Though the pipes were quickly repaired, Mr. Tan is now suing the building's management company for damages.


Residents of the block are given the choice to switch between two separate water supplies by altering valves, the building company told Jam Press.

The first is drinking water, while the second is water from a local well. According to reports, the latter should only be used for flushing toilets and watering plants; it should not be utilized for drinking or cooking.

They said that in March, quality checks on the water well were passed.

Mr. Tan and his girlfriend, however, deny ever having been told this, thus the pair and the corporation are still in talks to sort things out.


They expect to get paid if it's proven they drank toilet water without knowing for six months.

This occurred two years after it was discovered that a Japanese hospital had unintentionally been using toilet water for drinking for over thirty years due to improperly connected pipes.


In October 2021, the Osaka University Hospital in Suita, Japan made the startling discovery that part of the tap water pipes were linked to the toilet.

According to a local media site, Yomiuri Shimbun, the hospital declared on October 20 that some of the tap water pipes in the medical department were connected incorrectly.