Couple Left Bikes In Yard To Lure Thieves, Beat Them With Bats, And Posted Videos On YouTube

By maks in News On 9th February 2024

The couple, identified as Corey Curnutt and Savannah Grillot, found themselves at the center of controversy for their unconventional approach to deterring bike thefts in their neighborhood. 

Residing in Visalia, California, they reportedly concocted a plan that involved deliberately leaving bicycles unattended in their front yard as bait. 

The objective was clear: to lure potential thieves into a trap where they would be confronted not just verbally, but physically, with aluminum baseball bats. 

Adding a modern twist to their vigilantism, Curnutt and Grillot proceeded to film these encounters and upload the footage onto YouTube, essentially broadcasting their brand of justice to the world.

Corey Curnutt Credit: Visalia Police Department

The duo was arrested at their home on the 200 block of East Dove in Visalia, following an investigation into their activities. 

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They faced several serious charges, including assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy. 

The Visalia Police Department, through their investigation, revealed that this pattern of baiting and assaulting purported thieves began in July 2019 and spanned several months, concluding in November 2019. 

Moreover, the couple's decision to share these violent confrontations online added a layer of audacity to their actions.

The content uploaded by Curnutt and Grillot depicted unsuspecting individuals, lured by the seemingly unguarded bicycles, making their move to steal them. 

Savannah Grillot Credit: Visalia Police Department

However, these attempts were quickly thwarted as the suspects emerged, baseball bats in hand, to chase down and assault the would-be thieves. 

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According to police reports, each victim of these assaults luckily only suffered non-life-threatening injuries. 

Nonetheless, the physical harm inflicted upon these individuals led to the identification of four victims involved in these attacks, as of the latest updates from the authorities.

The local community's response to the couple's actions was initially mixed. 

Some neighbors expressed to KSEE, a local news outlet, that they initially viewed Curnutt and Grillot's measures as a necessary, if extreme, response to the issue of bike theft. 

This went on for months Credit: Alarmy

However, as the severity and frequency of the injuries became apparent, the community's sentiment shifted towards concern and disapproval. 

The realization that the couple's actions were leading to real harm, coupled with the legal and ethical implications, prompted a reevaluation of what was initially perceived as a form of neighborhood watch.

Adding a notable detail to the story, a spokesperson for the Navy confirmed Grillot's status as an active Navy Sailor stationed at the Lemoore Navy Base. 

This revelation added another dimension to the narrative, highlighting the unexpected involvement of a military personnel in such a controversial series of events.

This incident has since sparked broader discussions about the lengths to which individuals can go to protect their property and the moral, ethical, and legal boundaries of self-administered justice. 

The case of Curnutt and Grillot serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of taking the law into one's own hands and the unforeseeable impact such actions can have on a community, the perpetrators, and their victims. 

As the legal system continues to address this case, it remains a topic of debate and reflection on the balance between protecting one's possessions and upholding societal norms and legal standards.