Couple Shocked After Finding Out They're The Only Ones At An All-Inclusive 5-Star Resort

By maks in Travel On 28th January 2024

The Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos, renowned for its "world-class service" and being the sister property to the adjacent five-star resort, provided an experience that was both more and less than what the couple had anticipated. 

With no other guests in sight, the resort's sprawling luxury was exclusively theirs.

The couple were shocked to see the resort so empty. Credit: TikTok/@freedom_hustler

Cameron's TikTok video, which quickly racked up nearly 7 million views, captured the couple's surreal journey through the empty, yet immaculate resort. 

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"At first, it started as a joke… but it feels more like an episode from ‘Black Mirror,'" he commented in the video, showing off the deserted but beautiful surroundings.

Initially, the couple found humor in the situation, but as time went on, the novelty of being the only guests began to feel increasingly odd. 

The resort was completely empty... Credit: TikTok/@freedom_hustler

Cameron, driven by curiosity, roamed the resort looking for any signs of other guests but found none. 

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"Every time I think I see someone that’s not wearing a white uniform, I get excited, only to realize, no, just more contractors working on the place. Which, again, was kind of cool, until it wasn’t," he expressed in the video.

The couple's vacation began with the realization of the resort's unusual quietness. 

As the days passed, the light-hearted jokes they shared about being the only ones there gave way to a sense of bewilderment. 

They found themselves alone in activities, meals, and enjoying a private beach.

Cameron's wonder about the economics of running such a grand resort without guests grew. 


He questioned in a video segment, "How is this place paying for all these lights? How are these fire pits being lit all day, all night for us? Who is paying for all this? This entire kingdom is just for us." 

Despite the luxurious setting, the absence of other vacationers left him with more queries than comfort.

Cameron's astonishment peaked when he noticed the children's area was also deserted. 

The lack of guests became a topic of conversation among his TikTok viewers, who offered various theories and advice. 


Some speculated about alternate realities, while others thought the timing of their visit after the holiday season explained the solitude. 

One viewer advised Cameron to simply enjoy the unique experience: "Just enjoy it, dude. You’re not the CEO, so it’s not your problem."

The restaurants and beaches were still fully serviced despite the very low vacancy. Credit: Grand Velas Boutique Hotel
One of the oceanfront suites at the resort. Credit: Grand Velas Boutique Hotel

When the New York Post reached out for a comment, a representative from the resort, Melissa Wisenbaker, explained their commitment to maintaining high standards regardless of guest numbers. 

"Velas Resorts operate at 100% regardless of the number of actual guests staying on property. That is a staff to guest ratio of 3 to 1, versus at many other resorts that are the opposite (3 guests to every 1 staff)," she stated. Wisenbaker emphasized, "Velas Resorts prides itself on offering the very best, not just when it comes to service, but food, accommodations, design, experiences, et al."

Room service at the hotel. Credit: Grand Velas Boutique Hotel
The resort offers private access to the beach. Credit: Grand Velas Boutique Hotel

In the end, Cameron and his wife's vacation at the Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos turned out to be a remarkably private and memorable adventure, showcasing the resort's dedication to excellence under any circumstance.