Couple Who ‘Sold Everything’ To Live On Cruise Ship Say It’s Cheaper Than Living On Land

By Abdul Rafay in Life Style On 31st December 2023
Credit: Facebook/ Melody Thor Hennessee

A couple sold their house and most of their belongings to live on cruise ships for the rest of their lives. 

John and Melody Hennessee used to live in Florida, where they had a house, a business, and a motorhome for travel. 


However, three years ago, they decided to switch to a life at sea.

The couple was sick of driving and the numerous bills that came with owning a home and vehicle, such as their insurance and mortgage.

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Credit: Facebook/ Melody Thor Hennessee

They also didn't need any more convincing after seeing an advertisement for Royal Caribbean's 274-day cruise on Facebook.

John tells Sky News: "We no longer have a mortgage or the expense of homes. We no longer have vehicle insurance, property insurance, or utility bills. The list goes on.”


"[...] We now have a telephone bill, a ship bill, and a few credit card bills for when we go ashore, but that's it."

Additionally, the two say it's "cheaper" and that they're currently spending "probably close to half" of what they did "on land."

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That is not to imply that we could all afford the expense of living aboard a cruise ship.

The pair has been scheduling consecutive monthly vacations at the moment, but after December 2024, they plan to board a residential cruise ship with Villa Vie.

Additionally, while the "all-inclusive cruise home" may provide a more stable, permanent cruise lifestyle, it is not inexpensive; according to Villa Vie's website, an interior villa costs $99,999, with a monthly fee of $3,499 for a double and $2,499 for a single.

The cost of an Oceanview Villa is a whopping $149,999, plus additional monthly fees of $4,999 or $3,999.


Oh, and you'll need to pay out a staggering $249,999 with monthly costs of either $7,999 or $6,999 if you want a balcony.

The Hennessees claim to be prepared for a life at sea and have committed to spending a minimum of 15 years on board, so if you're investing that much money, you really have to commit to it.

Although the ship is still under construction, Melody says they "wanted to buy a cabin so [they] can design it how [they] want."

It is presently scheduled to open in May 2024.


She resolves: "It's going to be home for us for probably a minimum of 15 years on the ship."

In setting sail for a life at sea, John and Melody Hennessee show us the beauty of finding happiness in unexpected places. 


Their decision to spend 15 years on a cruise ship is more than a choice; it's a reminder to embrace what truly brings us joy.

As they eagerly await their cozy cabin, the Hennessees inspire us to seek fulfillment in the unique journeys we carve for ourselves.