Courageous Acid Attack Victim Gives An Amazing Beauty Tutorial

By Sughra Hafeez in Feel Good On 8th September 2015

#1 Reshma

Reshma is the resident of Allahabad, India. One bad day when she was on her way to her school, her own brother-in-law and some of his friends came rushing and threw concentrated sulphuric acid on her!

#2 She was attacked brutally by Acid and she had severe burns.

The reason behind such a heinous crime doesn't matter. What matters is the extent to which a human can go down on his ethics as a society animal.

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#4 Beautiful!

We can't even see ourselves losing some hair per day and she has lost her face with which she lived for 17 long years!

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#5 She never gave up and fought against all the odds.

She got a chance to feature herself in a commercial! This video came from the Indian awareness organisation "Make Love Not Scars" and was titled How To Get Perfect Red Lips!

#6 Beautiful yet again!

The video is a tutorial on how to apply lipstick perfectly. She teaches that the first step is to scrub lips using toothbrush followed by the application of balm and a lip liner with lipstick to be applied in the end.

#7 Yes, perfect.

Her IndieGoGo campaign raised 9000$ which will hopefully be enough for her ongoing treatment in a Bengaluru hospital.

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#8 She gives a strong message.

The tone of her lipstick advertisement changes when she tells us how easy it is to buy acid in some parts of the world. A bottle of Coca Cola is more expensive than sulphuric acid!

#9 Hope the Governing bodies are listening!

A famous Indian National daily, TOI reported that the government was 'developing a software for the online regularisation of sale of acid' in order to register buyers and trace its use. Hope it gets implemented soon! Share and pray that we don't get to read about another Reshma!