Creative Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

By Abdul Rafay in Parenting Published On 14th October 2023

The Old Switcheroo

While lying to your children is not something we support, giving them their medication when they truly need it could be a nice exception. You quietly insert the straw into the medicine while giving the child a favorite beverage.

If you don't let them drink their preferred beverage right away, you'll have to cope with the temper tantrum that ends all temper tantrums.


It’s Chore O’clock

While sticking to a routine can be challenging, kids require structure in their lives. You have your own household responsibilities to tend to, and they are constantly asking for an additional five minutes. Utilize a color-coded clock to help kids stay focused.

They are accountable for their actions if they do not follow their set of instructions, which they are always aware of.

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Easier Splinter Removal

Although removing a splinter is typically an unpleasant and challenging task, it can be made more bearable with the use of baking soda and water.

All you have to do is apply the mixture to the injured area for a few minutes. The splinter will emerge from the skin more easily and with less trauma and discomfort thanks to the baking soda.


Drip and Catch

A few popsicles would make summertime complete, but if you want to avoid having to wash your children's clothing every few hours, give this tip a try.

All of the drips and drabs are collected by an upside-down coffee lid, which also has a hole for the stick!

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Bath Toys Hack

Although bath toys make bath time much more enjoyable, they frequently become moldy and nasty. Before placing the item in the water, close its hole using a hot glue gun to prevent this from happening.

The toy won't grow mold because there won't be a way for water to get inside.

Kid-Free Walls

Did Junior struggle once more to confine his artistic abilities to paper or canvas?

If you have crayon stains on your walls that you would like to get rid of quickly and easily, use WD-40.


Pre-prepared Snacks

Children usually always ask for snacks because they are hungry. You can pre-prepare your snacks in containers with quantity instructions to avoid having to go back and forth to collect them and to teach kids independence.


In this manner, they can take care of themselves if they are hungry.

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Painting of the Day

Do you often feel like you're rushing around the house hunting for clean paper because your kids love to paint and draw so much? Or even worse, they make a mess when they search for it on their own in your home office? Try this clever trick, please.

The paper won't need to be replaced very frequently, and the frame will encourage kids to switch things up every day—or perhaps more than once.


Cleanup on the Clock

Making it into a game is another method to get kids excited about cleaning their rooms.

Set a time limit with an egg timer, then relax and take in the show!

No More Lost Socks

It's challenging enough to make sure all of your socks are in pairs, but it's practically hard to keep track of tiny baby socks.

Just to make sure the socks will all come out of the washer in pairs, put them in a mesh laundry bag before you wash them.


Pool Noodle Protector

Trampolines are always a lot of fun—that is until someone falls on the metal portion and starts crying.

Wrap broken pool noodles around the metal parts to protect your children from painful or hazardous mishaps.

Personalized Bulletin Boards

It makes sense for your children to benefit from chore charts and to-do lists if they assist you in finishing tasks. Your children can remain on top of their schedules, homework, and chores with the aid of personalized bulletin boards.

The best place to hang them is somewhere they have to stop, such as their bedrooms or the area where they take off their shoes.


A No-Bender

While your child is learning to walk, it is still difficult for your back to bend over and assist, even though it is transitory and for a good purpose. One parent devised a method to prevent us all from stooping over. Amazingly, one of his solutions was a hula hoop!

In a video he uploaded to YouTube, the infant is gripping the bottom of the hoop while the parent holds the top. In this manner, you both get to maintain a straight back.

DIY Baby Bath

In addition to being expensive and unpleasant at times, baby bathtubs require storage space after you are through using them. Why not make your own with a pool noodle from the dollar shop and an old pillowcase?

The pillowcase provides the baby with comfortable support, while the noodle will keep them afloat. making bathing a newborn—a challenging and stressful procedure for both the infant and its parents—less burdensome.



DIY Noise Dampener

Don't worry, you don't have to lie about it or throw away a toy that your child bought from a friend or family member who doesn't have children. To reduce noise, just place a piece of tape over the toy's speaker.


Just at a more manageable volume, your toddler will still appreciate it.

DIY Picnic Table for Kids

You may use your child's play table outside, too, did you know that?

All you need to do to ensure that it can withstand the elements is to wrap it in oilcloth before heading out for a picnic.


Babysitter FAQ

Choosing a babysitter can be difficult, particularly if the person is inexperienced. Keeping any information they could require close at hand is always a smart idea.

This template can be printed out and placed into a photo frame. To add details relevant to the particular occasion, you might use an erasable marker.

Candy Stash

While it's crucial to instill healthy eating habits, everyone occasionally needs a little pleasure. You have to be cunning if you want to prevent your kids from eating all the candy in the house before you do.

Store a healthy bag in the freezer and utilize it to conceal your hoard of sweets. They will never, ever locate it by accident.


Pizza Box Canvas

After a family movie night, are you unsure of what to do with your empty pizza boxes?

When your children are finished, you can use them as a canvas for them to color on, fold up, and discard.


Magnetic Cups

Is there a cupboard full of cups in your home that your youngster took out but never put back? Put magnets on their favorites to save yourself from the mess and the dishes.

Simply leave them on the refrigerator, hanging. When they're thirsty, your kids will know where to locate them and will like it.