Creepy 100-Year-Old Tunnel Discovered Beneath Couple's Home Had A Shocking Use

By maks in News On 8th June 2024

A couple in Michigan was stunned to discover a mysterious 100-year-old tunnel hidden beneath their home.

Sometimes, even after living in a place for a while, you can stumble upon something completely unexpected within your own walls.

Often, such remarkable finds occur during home renovations, when you're likely to uncover areas that haven't been exposed for a long time.

Hayley Gilmartin and her husband Trevor, who reside by Lake Huron—a body of water that borders the US and Canada—experienced exactly this.

Hayley and Trevor made the discovery underneath their home. Jam Press

As they were removing an outdated, broken jacuzzi located in the center of their house, they unearthed a tunnel about 20 feet deep, leading to an enigmatic room below.

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You can see what they found in a video they shared, which captures the eerie discovery.

Speaking to Newsweek, Hayley mentioned that the room is connected to the lake via a six-foot pipe.

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Despite the unsettling nature of the find, the couple remained courageous as they explored further.

"We scuba-dived in the river and found the other end of it, which is a huge tunnel," Hayley explained.

She added that draining the water is "impossible" because the room "is still getting water from Lake Huron and the rivers that it is connected to."

The couple has been documenting their spooky discovery on social media, keeping followers updated on their journey.

The discovery was certainly eerie. Jam Press

"It was a creepy discovery," Hayley recounted. "We tested the water and found that it is safe. 

"That's when my husband, Trevor, decided to scuba dive and snorkel it. We scuba-dived in the river and found the other end of it which is a huge tunnel."

Hayley and Trevor bought the house in 2020 and have been talking to neighbors to learn more about its history.

Through conversations and additional research, they learned that a few other houses nearby have similar tunnels.

"The wildest theory we've heard is that it was used in the prohibition days to smuggle alcohol over from Canada since it's so close.

Jam Press

"Although we do find many prohibition era bottles in our area," Hayley told Newsweek.

This theory suggests that the tunnel was active between 1920 and 1933.

In a viral video detailing their discovery, Hayley first shows the old jacuzzi before uncovering a manhole cover.

Then, with a flashlight in hand, the couple descends, finding themselves in a damp, debris-filled space.

They also reveal a wooden panelled wall, which they believe leads to the tunnel.

The video has since exploded on social media. "I expected my 50 friends to see the video and instead woke up to thousands of likes [and] views, which was crazy. 

"It's still continuing to blow up," said Hayley.