Creepy Stories Told By Kids That Prove Children Are Definitely Possessed By Demons

Posted by Michael Avery in Geeks and Gaming On 5th May 2017

Kids are smarter than you give them credit for. Don't believe it, sit and listen to a child talk long enough and you will see it. Some kids are not only smart, they are creepy as hell. They say some of the most twisted things that you would be shocked to hear come out of a child's mouth. Let's take a look at a few twisted kids.


"I have a 4 year old daughter(almost 5). She is at best, a chatterbox. She talks about lots of things that don’t quite make sense, but she is extremely intelligent.

My husband and I discussed the possibility of having a younger sibling with her and how she would feel about it. She said “I would be happy because your other baby will come back.” I didn’t understand what she meant and asked her to explain what she meant. “Before I was here, they asked me to pick a mommy. I picked you.” I asked her why and she said, “I picked you because you were sad. Your other baby got sick and you were sad. I picked you to make you happy.” I just started sobbing at that point. She said “I think that baby will come back and then we can have a boy baby too!” This happened a few days ago.

Our daughter does not know that I lost a little boy just before she was conceived. We’ve never mentioned it and there’s no possible way she could know. I’m still kind of freaked out, but almost comforted in a way. Maybe he will pick me again…"




"My mother told me that when I was younger (newborn until 4 or 5) I used to wake up from my slumber every time we passed a cemetery in the car.

Apparently once I was able to talk I used to make her turn up the music when we passed because the “voices were too loud” and I “couldn’t listen to so many at once.”

Still freaks her out. Makes me question my sanity at that age…."



"I am always writing these down. Here are a few..

“Someday I will have a farm and I will have some animals like a rat and some mices. I will have a little pecker chicken with a little pecker thing and he will pecker my head and make a hole and it will tickle!”

Visiting a friend’s new baby and my son’s first words were “When will that baby die?”

I was watching my son play with his trucks on the floor and smiled and said “I love you” he responded “I love you too. I actually don’t feel like killing you right now”

When my son was much younger he would talk about the woman who lives in our wall and misses her family. We’d find him upstairs with a pile of blankets just laying there and he’d say he was laying down with the lonely woman."




"My 3-4 years old nephew (It was about 18 years ago, he is now 22) once said to his mom (my sister):

“I am happy, because you are my mommy now. I like you more than my last mommy. I want you to be my mommy next time, too. Promise me, you will be my mommy.”"


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