Crowd Stunned When Two MMA Fighters Passionately Kissed During Pre-Fight Faceoff

By Haider Ali in Sports On 19th March 2023

The two MMA fighters engaged in a heated pre-fight exchange before sharing a passionate kiss, which stunned the audience.

Face-offs usually provide an opportunity for opponents to intimidate one another, with fighters frequently butting heads, but at the Clash of the Stars event last Saturday 11th March, a completely different exchange took place.

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The two models put their heads together on stage before their four-woman fight at Prague's O2 stadium, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, Denisa leans in for a cheeky kiss.

Karina smiles briefly before grasping her opponent's face and putting one on her cheek, demonstrating that they were clearly feeling each other out.

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Despite the amusing conversation, there could only ever be one victorious team. In the end, it was Karina and Inked Dory who won the fight.

Nevertheless, everyone had fun, and Denisa recalled that the kiss was an especially special moment.

She posted a video of it on her account on Instagram and wrote: "Somehow I didn't realize that the whole gala @clashofthestars is already over.”

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Karina, an OnlyFans celebrity, also shared the video on social media with the following addition: "This is pure fire... Staredown with @_dryndova_.”

"I had to throw it here too. Harmonious energy flowed between us, and still, we struggled in the cage like dragons."

She stated earlier this week in regard to her victory: "I have very strong emotions since yesterday.”

"Winning is a great satisfaction for me. We gave everything into the preparations and the match itself.”

"And a person who has never faced their opponent in the ring can hardly imagine how difficult it is.”

"A very powerful moment! We left our hearts in there. Thank you."

After Clash of the Stars posted their passionate aside online, dozens of people remarked on it.

One commenter wrote, "No one expected that," while another jokingly asked why other fighters don't do this pre-fight.

A third added: "Dude, those two Karina, and Denisa somehow get along, don't they," and a fourth described it as a 'surprise'.”

Others were more preoccupied with what was happening with their rivals in the backdrop, such as this person who wrote: "The way Kristal shook that hand and Dory just turned around."

Unfortunately, the unexpected PDA surpassed Dory's brutal shutdown.