CT Scan Of Pompeii Mummies Reveal Shocking Details!

By Muk Khatri in Amazing On 6th October 2015

#1 Archaeologists have spent the past year carefully restoring and scanning the preserved bodies of 86 Romans who died when Mount Vesuvius erupted near Pompeii in 79AD

#2 Here's the result!

One of the victims was a boy, believed to be around four years old, found frozen in terror. He was discovered alongside an adult male and female, presumed to be his parents, as well as a younger child who appeared to be asleep on his mother's lap.

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#4 Looking for bones and emotions!

The little boy's clothing is visible in the plaster cast but now scans have revealed his tiny skeleton beneath these clothes. One scan (left) resembles the 3D-scans taken during pregnancy and shows the young boy's lips pursed, as if in shock

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#5 Let's see if the CT scans lead us anywhere nearer to the Roman natural disaster!