Dad Finds Daughter, 11, Dead Under The Bed Hours After She Warned Him About Stranger At The Door

By maks in News On 17th April 2024

The heartbroken father, 32-year-old Carmelo Gonzalez, spoke to Fox 26, recounting that he had just reached his workplace at around 10 AM on Saturday when his daughter Maria texted him to report someone knocking at their door in Pasadena, Texas.

He recounted: "'I told her, 'Don’t open the door because I am arriving at work,' and she responded, 'I am in my bed.'"

After receiving no further updates from her, Gonzalez asked relatives who lived in the same building to check on Maria.

They conducted a quick search but did not find her initially, he explained before he himself returned home around 3 PM.


During a press conference, Pasadena Police Chief Josh Bruegger detailed that Gonzalez had requested his aunt and uncle "to go check on [her] because he hadn’t heard from her," as reported by the New York Times.

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The aunt and uncle found the door ajar but "were unable to locate her" after only performing "a cursory check" of the premises, added Bruegger.

Tragically, when Gonzalez came back home at around 3 PM—roughly five hours after Maria's alarming message—he discovered her lifeless body concealed in a laundry basket under his bed.


He expressed his sorrow to the media: "They left her under the bed in a plastic bag. They left my poor daughter."

Maria was remembered as a "good, quiet girl" who had just celebrated her 11th birthday.

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According to Fox 26, the Pasadena medical examiner confirmed that Maria had been sexually assaulted and strangled before her body was stashed under the bed in her own residence.

Bruegger mentioned that investigators currently have no suspects for what he called a "violent, violent crime", although some individuals had voluntarily provided their DNA to exclude themselves from suspicion.


He further stated: "At this point, the father’s alibi checks out, so he is - at this point, at least - not a suspect."

There were no signs of forced entry found at the home, though it was noted that the door was closed but not locked when Maria's aunt and uncle came to check on her.

The area near the apartment is equipped with security cameras.


However, Bruegger indicated that these may not have been functional at the time of Maria's death due to recent storms in the area.

Bruegger also suggested that the perpetrator likely knew Maria would be home alone, saying: 


"It seems awfully suspicious that Dad leaves for work and within 30 minutes you’ve got somebody knocking at the door."

Gonzalez and his daughter had been living alone in the apartment. 

It is believed that Maria's mother resides in Guatemala, and the family's legal status in the US remains unclear.

Bruegger remarked, "I do not know their legal status," but emphasized: "It’s the least of our concerns at this point."