Dad Gives A Befitting Response To A Mom Who Says She Would Have Aborted A Child With Down Syndrome

Posted by Sama in News On 18th March 2018

Ruth Marcus wrote an article giving out the reasons why mothers should abort a fetus with Down Syndrome. Marcus claims people with DS "have limited choices in life" and their "health is compromised," perfect justification for the cruel suggestions she made publicly. But Marcus is shut down in the best way possible by author Paul Daughtery who points out the flaws in Marcus's thinking and gives reasons why people with DS needs our love, support and compassion the most.


#1 Daughtery's Open Letter For His Daughter Jillian On Her Wedding Day

A couple of years ago Paul Daughtery took the internet by storm after his article "A Letter to My Daughter With Down Syndrome on Her Wedding Day." In his piece of writing, Daughtery showed his devotion towards his daughter Jillian who suffers from Down Syndrome and showed his support towards his daughter and her now-husband Ryan.


#2 People From DS Need Our Love And Support The Most

Daughtery penned out his thoughts in the article and pointed out to the world the need for love, support and compassion people from Down Syndrome need. He is one of the many parents who is using his voice to tell the world how precious, valuable, and important to society these people’s lives are.


#3 Marcus Writes An Article, Pointing Out The Reasons Why Mothers Should Abort A DS Fetus

Recently, Ruth Marcus, an American journalist who writes for Washington Post wrote a piece for the newspaper titled "I Would’ve aborted a fetus with Down syndrome. Women need that right." Reportedly, Marcus wrote the article in response to the law recently passed in Ohio state, according to which doctors cannot perform abortions if the mother’s decision is to abort because of a Down syndrome diagnosis.

Marcus's article has raised a lot of questions regarding the human desire to birth perfect children, only those who fit our society's standard of living. Marcus states that when she was pregnant with each of her two children, she had pre-natal testing for Down syndrome and she says that, "I can say without hesitation that, tragic as it would have felt and ghastly as a second-trimester abortion would have been, I would have terminated those pregnancies had the testing come back positive. I would have grieved the loss and moved on."

#4 Marcus Is Being Called Out For Her Cold Words

Marcus thought her article will depict the feelings of the majority of the public but fortunately, she is wrong. The journalist is being called out for her cold behavior and is being called hypocrite for championing women's right above the rights of those with Down syndrome.

Paul Daughtery, a doting proud father of a down syndrome daughter responded to Marcus perfectly and gave the woman befitting response in an article. In his article, "Why Ruth Marcus Is Wrong," Daughtery points out the flaws of Marcus's writing and explains to her why her thinking of "A child with down syndrome life choices will be limited and health may be compromised," is wrong.


#5 Daughtery Responds Perfectly To Marcus

Daughtery writes, "As for Ruth Marcus: She advocates a woman’s right to choose. That’s OK. What’s not OK is to base that choice on what Marcus sees as a human imperfection. "This was not the child I wanted," she wrote. Yeah? So? She describes kids born with Down syndrome as people "whose life choices will be limited." She tries to defend those words by hiding behind the Constitution. Well. Not the child you wanted? What if someone decides she wants only a blond child? Blue eyes, button nose? A boy? The path to eugenics begins with this sort of thinking."

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