Dads Back In The ’80s Were Cooler Than We’ll Ever Be

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Feel Good On 28th September 2020

Ever wonder our dads weren't always dads. There were days when they were younger, wilder, and probably much crazier then we will ever be. They might have gone out to buy a gallon of milk and ended up buying a pack of beers. They might have gotten married to your mom on a motorcycle and headed out straight for the honeymoon. Just because they don't tell us about their crazy antics doesn't mean that they never happened. Look at these pictures from the 1980s when our dads were young men with style and swag.


#1 Neverending love for the cars

Back in the 80s, people used to treat their cars like babies. They would change the oil, work on the engine, and even wash it themselves. 

Photo: Mancerk_ Latzo/ Reddit

#2 All dressed up for the office and ready to go on a skateboard? This is totally what we expect from the 80s dads

Photo Credits: Targat2/Reddit

#3 Proud son looking at his fighter pilot daddy

Photo Credits: DatingPuppy/Reddit

#4 When your dad brags about how good-looking he was back in his days and then show you his picture

Photo Credits: Julian_Jeg/Reddit

#5 It's hard to believe that but there were days when your dad might have even been unicycling with a case of beer on each shoulder

Photo Credits: skeleton_spotted/Reddit

#6 The coolest newlywed couple on a motorcycle besides some crushing beers. We believe they might have hit the road for their honeymoon after this

Photo Credits: Ohf*ckdood/Reddit

#7 Taking notes from this dad

Photo Credits: cptncabinet/Reddit

#8 Who made the Jean Jackets cool? Your dad.

Photo Credits: OG_Lee/Reddit

#9 They both look so happy together

Photo Credits: SmallAdventures/Reddit

#10 A gallon of milk at one hand and a pack of beers at the other, well played dad

'Kings of Beers."

Just some man who was sent to the store for milk and guess what he bought.

Photo Credits: IAmTheLiquor9/Reddit

#11 That's a fox!

Photo Credits: Manwithprinciples/Reddit

#12 This dad is peacefully sculpting a profile of his wife's face

Photo Credits: JankyTango/Reddit

#13 The hat, the glasses, the look on the guy's face, and his loyal dog. This picture is just so 80s

Did we mention the new hip-hop album that he's going to release in his hands?

Photo Credits: Ohreallylar/Reddit

#14 Just because he had a kid doesn't mean he can't be stylish

Photo Credits: @Shoesfordayyyys/Instagram

#15 Nothing new. Just some random stylish guy from the 80s showing off his shirt

Photo Credits: DrGirlfriend93/Reddit

#16 One hand on the car and the other busy talking on a 'portable phone'

Photo Credits: ClutchIsBack1/Imgur

#17 80s dad looking into the future

Photo Credits: pcyr9999/Reddit

#18 Dressed like a gentleman

Photo Credits: FollowUps/Reddit

#19 Chugging beer and messy hair

Photo Credits: Beardsarecool/Reddit

#20 Straight outta the 80s

If someone asks us to describe the 80s in two words, we would say 'dirty mustaches and oversized glasses.'

Photo Credits: Graybles/Instagram

#21 This 80s dad from Lebanon was probably heading out for a fun night