Dangerous Moment A Group Of Cyclists Crash Into Each Other When A Car Passes Too Close

By Zainab Pervez in Sports On 19th August 2022

A group of cyclists crashed on the shoulder of a major road after a car passed by too close, clipping the lead rider. The grey Honda passed too close to the biker causing him to tumble down. Some of the other bikers fell down in a ripple effect on the busy Newcastle road.


Footage of the 2020 accident has been re-shared online showing the cyclists riding along the shoulder of the road in Shortland, Newcastle. The 'horrifying' vision shows a grey Honda clipping the arm of one of the riders as the group were at a fast speed in the 90km/hr zone.

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The rider then slammed to the ground, tripping the cyclist alongside him and causing a pile-up in the group trailing behind. The rider who was hit fell out onto the road but quickly got back to the shoulder.  

'Fortunately, no one critically injured,' the post read. 


'Horrifying is the only way that this crash can be described. It is unbelievably lucky that there were no life-threatening injuries or deaths. 

'Club bunch ride rudely interrupted on a beautiful morning by a seemingly inattentive driver.' 

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The post said police were notified of the collision and two of the bikers were sent to hospital for tests, while others suffered a bad rash. 

Police said a 31-year-old man was fined $464 and lost three demerit points.


Watch the dangerous moment the collision happened causing a pile-up on the road: