Dangerous Reasons Why You Should Never Hold In A Poo

By Abdul Rafay in Health and Fitness On 24th November 2023
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There are several reasons why listening to nature's call is a wise decision.

To begin with, it is a fact that everyone poops. 


Almost everyone you know has had to rush to the bathroom to relieve themselves at some point.

I bring this up to emphasize the idea that going out for a drink won't be the disastrous social faux pas you might think it will be.

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Anybody who would mock you for it would do well to keep in mind that they were once in great need themselves. 

There comes a time when you just have to go.


Furthermore, you can't stop the need to poo; even if you delay setting the timer, it will eventually come out of you.

The bomb bay doors will eventually open, releasing your foul-smelling payload—you can choose to have it land in the toilet bowl or on the seat of your pants.

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Now that we've established the necessity of rushing out to relieve yourself occasionally, let's discuss the numerous health benefits of not keeping it in.

Many health issues can arise if you're the kind of person who frequently holds in your waste.

It's best to prevent the long-term health effects, even though holding it in will make you feel painful and constipated in the near future.

If you suppress your feelings, you might not feel the need to find the closest bathroom and stick your behind in it, but that doesn't mean the s**t isn't coming.


'Fecal impaction,' which sounds quite dreadful when a hard, dry lump of poop gets caught within you, can also result from holding it in.

Even worse, holding it in can lead to colon inflammation, which raises your risk of colon cancer, according to a 2015 research.

Fecal vomiting is a horrible condition that can occur if you become constipated and plugged up. It is when waste that should leave your body through one exit instead goes out the other through your digestive system.


It happens when something can't pass through you regularly because of an obstruction in your gut.

Fecal vomiting has also been linked to fatalities in extreme circumstances of conditions like constipation.


Therefore, be aware of the location of the closest toilet and, when the need arises, proceed there as quickly as possible.

Thus, responding promptly to nature's call should be seen as an integral part of a holistic approach to well-being, recognizing the body's needs and taking proactive steps to maintain health and vitality.