Daredevil Free Climber Scales 1,200ft Above Dubai But Doesn't Realise Crane Is Covered In Grease

By maks in Community On 9th July 2024

Adam Lockwood, who goes by Nuisance on YouTube, captured this nerve-wracking experience and shared the footage on his channel.

In his audacious attempt, this British climber disguised himself as a construction worker to make his way to the top of a skyscraper.

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He daringly dangled from a terrifying height above Dubai, clutching with just one hand.

To his dismay, he discovered that the crane was coated in grease, causing his hands and feet to slip everywhere.

Prepare to feel your stomach drop:

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The YouTuber, a 21-year-old hailing from Manchester, sneaked into the residential skyscraper, Il Primo.

He carefully avoided the real construction workers as he made his way to the crane, 390 meters (1,280ft) above ground.

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Lockwood shared that he was initially stopped during his climb to the crane but managed to 'chat some s**t' and found an alternate path to proceed.

He further detailed, "I didn't want to walk up 77 floors in the 45-degree heat. I didn't think anyone would be in the elevator. He starts shouting at me in Arabic. 

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"I used Google Translate to explain how I was working on site and forgot something (obviously not true but it’s always worth a try) so he sent me down the stairs, on my own. 

"He showed me the stairs, watched me walk down a floor and left. I changed to the opposite stairwell and carried on going up, my blag worked."

During his climb to the 77th floor, Lockwood often stopped to splash water on his head from faucets to cool off in the blistering heat.

He changed staircases eight times in the span of two hours as he kept encountering workers.

"When I reached the top I realised I had only brought one GoPro battery, and it was on 20 percent, meaning I could only film for a few minutes," Lockwood recounted.

The YouTuber then switched to showcasing the gripping footage of himself climbing the structure, at times dangling by one hand, before looping his legs over a bar and hanging upside down.

He later realized that what he had assumed was desert dust on the crane's bars was actually "grease," which led to his feet and hands slipping on everything he touched.

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Lockwood described the experience as "surreal" and "almost peaceful," noting that he goes into a mental blank state during such stunts.

Reviewing the footage later, he reflected, "When I first looked at the footage, I was thinking to myself: ‘This is it, this is the most incredible thing I’ve done.'"

He felt compelled to make the most of his capabilities, stating, "It’s something I know I can do and that 99% of the world can’t and never will do, so I feel obliged to use my ability and enjoy doing it in the process."

After returning to the safety of the ground, Lockwood confessed that he did not intend to repeat the perilous ascent.

He concluded the video breathlessly, saying, "Wow, I’m not doing that again. On my life, I’m not doing that again."

He mentioned he had "four close calls" with his grip and footing while climbing up, and encountered a few more during his descent.

Still, he felt the risk was justified.

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"The fact I hung off the tallest crane in Dubai on the doorstep of the world's tallest building is something special and I feel like it was definitely worth the risk and legal consequences if I was caught. 

"I love seeing things from height, I love having my body suspended hundreds of meters in the sky, I love the challenges of infiltrating secure places to achieve these goals and it’s something that has kept me alive since I started, and I don’t think I can give it up."