Dating Guru Tells Women Not To Sleep With Men Until They’ve Spent $2,000 On Them

By Annie N. in Relationships On 19th November 2023

Tough luck for us povvos, this dating guru shares new trend claiming that women should hold off on sleeping with a guy until he has spent at least $2,000 on her.

Jana Hocking/Instagram

Dating in this decade already sucks. With marketplace-like dating apps that boil down modern dating to a single swipe, the odds of finding ‘the one’ seem quite low.

With this advice, however, we dont stand a chance.

Jana Hocking/Instagram
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Jana Hocking says the three-date rule may be coming to an end and being replaced by the $2,000 rule. She says that there’s an ongoing trend of women holding off on sleeping with men until they’ve spent a chunk of change on them.

"The first reason why this new rule is kinda growing on me is that if a guy is willing to go on enough dates to warrant $2,000 out-of-pocket expense, then there’s a fair chance the guy is properly invested in you."

Jana Hocking/Instagram
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While the approach here seems to be to play the long game where two people get to know each other over a period of time, attaching the $2k price tag makes the entire thing feel transactional.

"I mean, if a libido can withstand that many dates, then he’s a keeper."

She further adds, "The second reason I like this rule, and I think most importantly, is spending that amount of time together without getting distracted by nakedness might actually help us get all those icks out of the way nice and early."

Jana Hocking/Instagram

Jana says she first heard of the theory on a podcast and wasn’t on board with the idea initially.

She admitted that $2k was a lot to spend on a person but slowly came around when she thought about the details of the execution.

She also adds that this theory wouldn't work for the rich since they’d be able to drop the $2k sooner so that number is for us regular folk. 

Jana Hocking/Instagram

"I let my mind wander to the couple of gents I’ve jumped into bed with after three to five dates and I thought, 'sheesh if I was living by that theory I could probably have avoided a couple of mistakes'," she adds.

Jana Hocking/Instagram

While there is some merit to waiting and building that mutual trust and affection before jumping into bed, perhaps tying it to a monetary value is not the best idea.