D&D Class Descriptions That Are Dead On

Posted by Michael Avery in Geeks and Gaming On 29th January 2018

Everyone that plays D&D wants to make a perfect character but what class is perfect for you? Do you want to be the cunning rogue? How about the annoying bard? Maybe you just wanna be a beat stick or a meat shield. Either way, picking a class can be hard so here are some great explanations of each core class to help you make your decision.


#1 The Monk

Monks are those cool martial artists that defy the laws of physics with their martial prowess. They are perfect for heady players who want to do more than break things.


#2 The Paladin

Paladins are the righteous hands of the divine that deal out judgment and justice for those who can't do it for themselves. They are perfect for the player with a strong sense of law and order.

#3 The Barbarian

Barbarians are strong chaotic characters that would rather solve problems with their fists. If you want to break things then you definitely want to be a barbarian.

#4 The Fighter

Much like the barbarian, fighters are proficient at dealing out damage. Unlike barbarians, they are actually trained and have skills outside of just breaking things.


#5 The Bard

Bards collect and tell all the stories of their adventures and spread them all around the land. They tend to be jacks of all trades not really excelling at any one thing but being excellent support characters.

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