Dead Man Came Back To Life After His Ambulance Hit A Pothole

By maks in News On 20th January 2024

Darshan Singh Brar, an 80-year-old man from Haryana, India, had been unwell for several days. 

In early January, he was taken to a local hospital in Patiala. 


His grandson, Balwan Singh, shared that after four days on a ventilator, the doctors delivered the devastating news that Brar's heart had stopped. 

They turned off the ventilator and declared him legally dead.

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Credit: Getty Images

Balwan recalled that his brother informed the family at 9 am about Brar's passing and that an ambulance was transporting him to Nissing for funeral rites, as reported by NDTV. 


Relatives and friends had already gathered, preparing for the cremation with food and wood.

However, on the way to Nissing, something extraordinary happened. 

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The ambulance hit a pothole, and Balwan's brother, sitting with their grandfather in the back, noticed Brar's hand moving. 

He checked for a heartbeat and found one. 

Credit: Facebook

Brar was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, where doctors confirmed he was alive.


Currently, Brar is in critical care in the ICU at a hospital in Karnal. 

Despite having stable blood pressure and pulse, he's dealing with chest infections and difficult breathing. 

Dr. Netrapal from Rawal Hospital commented, "We couldn't say that the patient had died." 

On January 12, he told NDTV, "We don't know what happened at the other hospital, whether it was a technical error or something else."


Balwan described the entire experience as 'a miracle'. 

"It is a miracle. Now we are hoping that my grandfather recovers soon. Everyone who had gathered to mourn his death congratulated us."

"It is God's grace that he is now breathing and we are hoping he will get better."


This incident raises questions about what lies beyond death. 

Cherie Aimée, a woman who claims to have been brought back to life after dying for an hour, shared her experience of 'crossing over to another realm'. 

She said, "I knew I was dead. I knew I was somewhere else. I knew I had died instantaneously, when I flatlined I immediately crossed over into this other realm and I remember my body just floating in like this white space and I felt as light as a feather. I felt free."