Delivery Driver Shows How Customer's $92 Order Was Sitting For Hours After No Tip

By Haider Ali in Food On 26th June 2023
Credit: @dashdropfood/TikTok

We already know how important tips are to the American hospitality industry.

And if you ever have any doubts about how crucial it is, all you have to do is look at delivery driver TikTok.

One DoorDash driver reportedly told people on the app that leaving tips is necessary if they want their order to arrive soon or at all.

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Credit: @dashdropfood/TikTok

The creator of the content, who goes by the handle @dashdropfood, posted a video of himself discovering a $92 Panera order that had been waiting there for three hours when he went to pick up something else.

In the clip, he says: "When you tip your driver, you get your food delivered quicker. Tip your driver."

However, many TikTok users were quick to point out that in the past, the tip was given after delivery so that it could be calculated based on the quality of the service.

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Another agreed: "Tip is for the service. How you gonna' tip if you haven’t received the service yet? Do you tip your waitress before she waits on you?"

"I understand what you’re saying," a third added. "I’ve been a server all my [life]. But I still tip when I get my food. I tip very well to get to it me fast."

However, not everyone was in agreement; one user insisted they always tip when they order and that they had never experienced any problems.

"I always tip in the app and I tip at least 30 percent," they wrote. "I've had no issues."

Another added: "People don’t understand that Door Dash is basically a courier. It’s a third-party service! Tip your driver PERIOD!"

These arguments frequently surface on TikTok, and recently one woman gained notoriety after posting texts from her DoorDash driver who declined to deliver her McDonald's order.

The delivery driver claimed there is a Facebook group where delivery drivers share the addresses of "non-tippers" so they are aware of whose orders not to accept in the barrage of hostile messages.

However, it's worth considering that if delivery drivers were paid a fair wage from the outset, these issues could be mitigated.

The arguments presented on TikTok reflect the differing perspectives on tipping practices and the reliance on tips for drivers' income.

While some customers support upfront tipping as a way to ensure prompt delivery, others believe that tipping should be based on the quality of service provided.