Desperate Men On Instagram Post The Most Thirsty Comments Ever!

Posted by Michael Avery in Bizarre On 23rd January 2017

Hilarity ensues when some men totally forget that the entire world can see their crazy comments on Instagram photos.


Ready For A Fight

This dude is ready to wrestle a bear to win her. And I think we all know who’d win that fight.


Very Classy, Very Thirsty But 100% fail

This insane guy went through the trouble of going on all of her photos and left his phone number. If that isn’t desperation, what is?


What A Geek, We All Hope He Really Doesn't Think She Will Reply.

Looks like his Microsoft card isn’t playing too well with other women so he decided to impress girls on Instagram. For Microsoft’s sake, stop doing that!



The worst and perhaps the creepiest pickup line ever.

Psycho Alert

That’s a very awkward example of how not to impress a woman.


Now It’s Getting Gross

There is nothing comforting about this terrifying statement.


Not Afraid To Leave His Number For The World

Did he really think he would get a call from her?


Great Imagination

Sure, if your crazy comments won’t, that’ll surely get her attention


Oh My GAWSH… (Barfing)

That’s just terribly disturbing.


You’ve Been Proposed

And that’s what a stalker proposal looks like.


No Time For Famous Men

Well, at least his priorities are straight.


And if you could only get a life.



If she does appear in front of him one day, hopefully she slaps him back to reality.

He Demands To Be A Slave

Looks like this crazy man has a lot of experience in that field.

Butt Lover

Okay, we get the idea.


Pay For Play

Coming at a woman like she is a prostitute is probably not the best approach.

Dedicated Swimmer

Hopefully, you don't drown while you're trying so hard.

Common Theme

Seems like some guys just want to be slaves.


Dora The Explore"Her"

Name dropping a fictional children's show character is probably not a great tactic either.

Living Dangerously

After reading this comment I am sure she wishes you would just drown.

Bouncing Up And Down

You should probably bounce right off of her Instagram.


No Fear

I bet this guy got a ton of random texts and phone calls after this stunt.