Did You Know Stan Lee Has A Twitter Account? He Is Too Cute!

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 2nd June 2018

Stan Lee is just one of many celebrities who have Twitter accounts. But, like many other celebrities, he does not run his own account, until now. He is just so down to Earth and sincere with his tweets. We are sure that you will get a kick out of these posts he made.

Taking Over

Like many other celebrities, Stan Lee did not run his own Twitter account, but things are about to change. It is great that he let his followers know that he is taking over and will be doing his own posts.



We know that Stan Lee admitted to taking over his own Twitter account, but he left his other social media accounts for his people to run. We are not sure if his accounts were legit hacked or if he was making a joke, but the way he reaches out to his fans for help is endearing.

Having Fun

Stan Lee thinks he can take Morgan and Diesel. We are not sure if he really looks stronger, but looks can be deceiving. We applaud him for his courage.



It looks like Stan turned to his fans again to learn something new. It is kind of like teaching your grandparents how to use the internet. It is super cute when they learn something new.

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