Disgusting and Disturbing Facts That Will Make You Cringe

By Editorial Staff in Facts and DIY On 4th October 2015

#1 Babies Are Covered In Hair In The Womb And Eat It

When in the womb, a fetus will grow a mustache, and that quickly traces down the body until the full body is covered in thin hair called lanugo. Eventually, the fetus will eat the hair, and when they are born, their first bowel movement will be the remnants of that body hair.

#2 1 In 6 Cell Phones Have Fecal Matter On Them

Making cell phones one of the dirtiest objects we use... A study by the London School of Hygienic & Tropical Medicine and Queen Mary found that 16% of cell phones they studied had E.coli on them. The cause of the E. coli was from people not washing their hands after going number two.

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#3 Millions Of Live Baby Roosters Are Ground Up By The Egg Industry Each Year

This is disturbing!

During this process, the male chicks are separated from the female ones and they are given "instantaneous euthanasia." This euthanasia involves being fed into a grinder while they are still alive. This happens to an estimated 200 million male chicks a year.

#4 Some Butterflies Feast On Human Blood

Hard to believe...

There's a Siberian species called Calyptra, and are also referred to as the "Vampire Moth." They seek out sleeping vertebrates in order to suck on their blood, and yes that includes humans.

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#5 Shame! 3,000 Cows Are Killed To Make NFL Footballs For A Year

To create a full season's supply of footballs in the NFL, 3,000 cows must be killed and their skin used for leather. The leftover meat is then probably used to feed only about fifteen linemen.

#6 Totally Gross! Bellybuttons Have 1,400 Bacteria Living In Them

In 2012, scientists examined bellybuttons and were confused by what they found. There was over 1,458 species of bacteria in one bellybutton. To make matters more confusing, there were certain bacteria that had only previously been discovered in Japanese soil, but the people studied had never been to Japan.

#7 Cremated Human Bone Dust Smells Like Cool Ranch Doritos

Sometimes when you dig deep into the bottom of a bag of Doritos you will find a large clump of seasoning. Just know, next time you take a bite out of that, it's the exact same smell as ground human bones.

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#8 Tickling Was A Form Of Torture In Ancient China

Tickle torture is a real thing, and it was first utilized by ancient Chinese civilizations. They used this because the people being tortured had a quick recovery time, so they could be tortured again. Plus, tickle torture left no marks or bruising so there was no proof of the torture taking place.

#9 Really? The Toilet Is The Cleanest Place In Your House

Your kitchen sink, your desk, and your cell phone are all statistically dirtier than your toilet. In terms of micro-organisms, it's one of the cleanest things you'll find. It's been referred to as the "gold standard," in regards to keeping germs off.

They have not seen the toilets at my neighbors apparently.

#10 Nice Treats! Jellybeans Are Covered In A Layer Of Bug Feces

The stuff that houses the gooeyness of a jellybean is made out of bug excrement. Known in the industry as "confectioners glaze," that layer surrounding a jellybean comes from a female lac beetle, which are indigenous to India and Thailand.

Ronald Reagan loved these candy's.

#11 Termite Farts Stink And Contribute To Global Warming

Tiny little termites are causing damage to more things than just wooden structures. Methane is produced by the little bugs as part of their digestion process, and are the second largest natural source of methane emissions.

#12 Say What? Annually 2,500 Left Handed People Die Using Right Hand Equipment

There's more inconvenience to being left handed than finding the right pair of scissors or banging your elbow on a desk. Each year, 2,500 left handed people die operating equipment designed for right handed users.

#13 Ancient Romans Used Urine To Whiten Teeth

Urine used to be used as a form of mouthwash to help people in Rome get pearly whites. Traces of ammonia can be found in urine, and it acts as an agent to help remove stains. The aftertaste might be a little more tart than modern mouthwash.

#14 Humans Shed 40 Pounds Of Skin In Their Lifetimes

Over the span of a human's life, the outside layer of their skin will shed and be completely replaced by new cells. If you gathered all this up in a barrel, it would come out to around 40 pounds. Human skin is also 15 percent of what you're inhaling when you're on a subway car.

This is why your mattress is 3 times heavier in 4 years. You should purchase new sets every 4 years because dead skin and mites fill up inside of them.

#15 The FDA Allows 10 Insects And Insect Eggs In Raisins

There are just too many raisins being produced daily to try and keep all of the bugs and larvae out, so the FDA made some compromises. For every 8 ounces of raisins, they allow up to 10 insects and 35 fruit fly eggs to be mixed in.

#16 Fecal Matter Sprays Into The Air When You Flush

Every time you flush a toilet, it releases tiny droplets into the air that are tainted with fecal matter. Which means you could be brushing your teeth with a poopy tooth brush.

#17 Chocolate Is Becoming A Luxury Item

Chocolate lovers beware; the tasty treat could disappear by the year 2020.

Apparently, we're consuming more chocolate than cocoa manufacturers can produce!

#18 Foreskin Is Used To Make Facial Creams

Apparently infant foreskins have many uses.

Not only has the foreskin fibroblast been used in medical applications such as skin grafts, they've also been used in the manufacturing of face cream.

#19 There Are Spiders Hiding Almost Everywhere

At any given moment, there is a spider within a six foot radius of you.

"I always feel like somebody's watching meee."

#20 There Is A Cheese Made With Live Maggots

There is actually a cheese that contains live maggots. It comes from Sardinia, and because the maggots can jump up to five inches out of the cheese, you're supposed to shield your eyes while eating it.


#21 Soda Fountains Contain Bacteria From Fecal Matter

48% of soda fountains found in fast food establishments contain bacteria that grew in fecal matter. Now make that Diet Coke a Super Size!